PADI Kids Bubblemaker Scuba Program

The PADI Bubblemaker program is specifically aimed towards young eight or nine year old children who want to start blowing bubbles underwater and learn how to dive in Pattaya, Thailand.

Young children are strictly supervised during the introductory scuba lessons which take place in water less than two meters deep.

The tryout experience gives kids an opportunity to try in a swimming pool or calm shallow confined open water environment.

Toddlers' classes are ideal for birthday celebrations, splash pool parties, or exploration dives with the Private Scuba Team.

Conducting the PADI Bubblemaker Course

If you do not have access to a private swimming pool for your Bubblemaker course we can conduct the activities in a shallow bay of water.

We need suitable clear and calm water that offers an enjoyable introduction to scuba for your kids. The thrills of diving can be enjoyed by young boys and girls from the age of eight. They can take the plunge to a maximum depth of two meters (6 ft).

Scuba Diving for Kids [8 - 10 Years] Cost 4,999* THB

✔ Direct and personalised supervision from your private scuba instructor

✔ Free rental of modern dive equipment and instruction how to use the gear

✔ Two (2) shallow water dives in a pool or around the coral islands in Pattaya

✔ Pattaya hotel transfers, hot buffet food, soft drinks, and afternoon snacks on the boat

Contact Us today to book your kids PADI Bubblemaker Program with the Private Scuba Team in Pattaya, Thailand.

Young divers use the same basic equipment as adults, with some minor changes such as small size wet suits and a child-size mask. Most dive schools carry a range of small-size aluminium air tanks which weigh much less than the large steel versions made for adults.

PADI Bubblemaker Program - Made for Kids!

Did you ever wonder how old children need to be to start scuba diving? Apart from the normal nervousness of letting your kid try scuba, some additional concerns with very small children could include;

PADI Bubblemaker Course for Young Children in Pattaya, ThailandChildren from eight years old can join in the PADI Bubblemaker program, which is a scuba experience only and is not a typical certification or license.

The parent or guardian and the child must complete and sign all the required paperwork such as the youth risks agreement and the Bubblemaker program form which comes in a complete crew pack memento from the PADI Dive Center.

Using kid's gear, young eight and nine year-old toddlers can try diving - either in a swimming pool or in similar open water conditions.

Blowing bubbles under water, playing underwater games, and experiencing the feeling of freedom and movement of neutral buoyancy, will entertain your kids for hours during the Bubblemaker Course.

A PADI instructor (or assistant instructor) must directly supervise the kids throughout the program and dive skills, such as proper breathing techniques and how to use swimming fins efficiently.

PADI Bubblemaker Scuba Program for Kids in PattayaThese important topics will be introduced in a playful yet educational method.

Imagine how much fun they have playing the ‘egg and spoon race’ or 'playing tennis' in a swimming pool?

When it comes to underwater bravery – kids usually win hands down.

Although this is not a certification course, most bubblemaker participants will receive an emblem, decal and a logbook in recognition of the kids' achievements.

The PADI Bubblemaker Certificate for kids is 'super cool' to an eight year old and may be all that they need to begin a long and illustrious involvement in the sport.

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