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Bubble Maker Scuba Diving for Kids

The PADI® Bubblemaker program is specifically aimed towards young eight or nine year old children who want to learn how to scuba dive and start blowing bubbles underwater.

Young children are strictly supervised during the introductory scuba lessons which must take place in water that is less than two (2) metres deep (e.g. a shallow pool).

Conducting the PADI Bubblemaker Course

The Private Scuba Team of Instructors are experts at organising water-based activities for toddlers and big kids, including:

The Bubblemaker experience gives kids an opportunity to 'try scuba' in a swimming pool or a calm shallow confined open water environment.

In most cases, we can get access to a private swimming pool to conduct the PADI® Bubblemaker Program. If not, we can also use one of the shallow bays at Pattaya Coral Islands close to the beach.

Important: We need to use suitable clear and calm water that offers an enjoyable introduction to scuba diving for kids. Young boys and girls from the age of eight (8) can take the plunge to a maximum depth of two (2) metres (6 feet).

What is PADI Bubblemaker?

By simplifying the way kids experience the basics of scuba diving, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) have made it easier for young children to have:

In general, youngsters will be using the same gear and scuba diver accessories that adults use. Even so, some of the minor changes required for toddlers will be the need to use small size wetsuits and child-size dive masks.

But wait - there's more:

Most reputable dive schools will stock small-size air tanks. So for example, a 6 litre (300 bar) aluminium cylinder weighs a lot less (around 9 kg) than large adult steel scuba tanks. This means kids don't need to have heavy gear strapped to their back.

Scuba diving and snorkel swimming are both outdoor recreational activities that encourage children to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore, these pursuits provide kids with ideal opportunities to make new friends and to develop their social interaction skills.

Scuba Program for Young Kids (age 8 and 9)

Most eight and nine year olds possess natural curiosity and they are keen to learn new skills. As a result, parents may be surprised to learn that their kids can become confident scuba divers.

Why is that?

Diving underwater while breathing through a balanced scuba regulator helps children become more confident in their own ability. Training in group activities also offers them an opportunity to nurture family relationships.

How Old Do Children Need to be to Start Scuba Diving?

Besides the normal nervousness of letting kids try scuba, some additional concerns for parents with very small children might include questions about:

The minimum age for children to join in the PADI Bubblemaker program is eight (8) years old. But, Bubble Maker scuba is an experience only (e.g. not one of the typical scuba diving certifications for kids).

PADI® Bubblemaker Program Requirements

As you may expect, there will be paperwork that the parent (or guardian) and the child need to fill in and sign. The required paperwork includes the youth risks agreement and the program form.

Blowing bubbles underwater, playing underwater games, and experiencing the feeling of freedom and movement of neutral buoyancy, will entertain your kids for hours during the Bubblemaker Course.

Following that, either a PADI Scuba Instructor (or Assistant Instructor) must be 'directly' supervising participants throughout the whole program (especially during the dive skills part). The kids will practice:

The instructor will use educational methods to introduce important topics in a way that is playful, yet meaningful, for children.

So for example, the kids might play a form of 'underwater tennis' or have an 'egg and spoon race' on the bottom of the swimming pool.

Important: The PADI Bubblemaker experience does not result in a certificated course. But, most kids will get a decal, an emblem, and a cool logbook as a recognition of their underwater achievements.

Price for PADI® Bubblemaker Scuba Program for Kids 4,999 THB*

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Note: The short video [1:05 seconds] presented by PADI highlights how scuba programs for kids provide opportunities for the whole family to share underwater adventures. Click here to contact Private Scuba in Pattaya, Thailand.

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