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PADI Seals Team Course in Pattaya

There is a basic scuba program for children to experience what it feels like to breathe and swim underwater - while practicing some of the fundamental diving skills.

This section explains how young kids from the age of eight can become PADI Seal Team members after completing five scuba diving aqua missions in a shallow swimming pool.

What is PADI Seal Team Program for Kids?

Do you have young kids that are comfortable in water and want to be a scuba diver?

Imagine how cool it is for children to dive underwater with their friends and take digital photos of each other.

After learning the basic scuba safety skills, the specialty AquaMissions can include:

The PADI Seal Team™ program offers youngsters an ideal opportunity to experience the breathing rules for scuba diving while they have fun being active and playing games in a swimming pool.

Important: The PADI® Bubblemaker Scuba Program is specifically aimed towards eight (8) and nine (9) year old small children who want to try diving in Pattaya, Thailand.

PADI Seal Team Course Requirements

Kids should feel comfortable about being in water, but they do not need to have any previous experience in scuba diving.

The minimum age for children to join PADI™ Seal Team training is eight years old. Check out another section with some great ideas for swimming pool splash parties for kids (e.g. to celebrate a youngster's birthday).

Furthermore, we would need to have signed approval from one of the parents before the child can take part in the program.

Seal Team Part One

Young kids will learn about their role for protecting the aquatic realm. As a result, the first five PADI Aqua Missions relate to the first confined water training session from the Junior Open Water Diver Course.

All diving instructors must adhere to the maximum depth limits for this program. Thus, PADI Assistant Instructors (or above) can use the flip chart to conduct the skill sessions in a swimming pool only.

When young PADI Seals continue their Aqua Missions training and complete the ten extra themed scuba skills and adventures, they earn the elite rating for kids as a PADI Master Seal Team Member.

Seal Team Part Two

The second part consists of ten specialty AquaMissions to help kids improve their scuba skills. Some of the diving adventures for small children include:

Completing all the PADI Aqua Missions means you get to become a PADI Master Seal Team Member (e.g. you will be joining an elite group of young scuba divers).

Note: Another section explains more about the Master Diver certification for adults and the special requirements for completing this elite rating.

Scuba Diving for Kids in Thailand [8+ Years] Price from 4,999 THB

Watch and listen to the five characters on the PADI Seal Team video to learn more about the scuba diving adventures for children in controlled environments.

Note: Please send an email to our friendly team if you would like to get more information about scuba programs for young kids in Thailand.

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