Fish ID

PADI Fish Identification Specialty Course

You get back on the boat after a great dive in Pattaya and neither you nor your buddy can name that 'yellow thingy' creature with the funny blue tail. Sounds familiar? Not anymore.

The PADI AWARE Fish Identification Specialty Course teaches you basic identifying skills so you can recognise fish species and name their families on the next dive.

Number of Days [1]

Number of Dives [2]

Minimum age [10]

Prerequisite: PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification)

Fish Identification Specialty Course Price 6,900 THB

Included in Private Scuba Fish ID Course

✔ Personalised tuition from a private scuba instructor

✔ Free rental of scuba gear and boat diving equipment

✔ Two ocean scuba training dives (pool sessions if required)

✔ Pattaya hotel transfers, food, and soft drinks on board the boat

✔ PADI Fish ID Certification Card and AWARE Fish ID Manual

PADI AWARE Fish ID Diver - Learn About

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Become a PADI AWARE Fish ID Specialist - The Benefits

Scuba is more fun when you can identify different species of fishes and other aquatic marine life. Project Aware is course which highlights the plight of our fragile aquatic ecosystems and how they are being threatened.

If you are into coral reefs then the Coral Reef Conservation certification tackles the dangerous threats to the world's reef systems and how you can become involved in efforts to protect and conserve coral reef formations.

The PADI AWARE Fish Identification Specialty Course also counts towards the highest rating in non-professional circles - the Master Scuba Diver.

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