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Scuba Diving Refresher

PADI ReActivate™ is a scuba program for divers who have been inactive from diving or feel a little rusty with the basic scuba skills and knowledge.

The half day scuba diving refresher is a relaxed and inexpensive way to 'jump back in' after a period of inactivity and reconnect with the underwater world.

What is PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Program?

In a nutshell, it's a great way of reviewing and updating the dive skills and knowledge from the PADI® Open Water Diver Course.

There are several ways PADI personalises scuba refreshers for inactive divers. For example, you can rediscover scuba diving by:

There is no better way to prepare for your next PADI dive course or a diving vacation. Furthermore, completing the knowledge and the in-water skills refresher means you qualify for a replacement certification card (stamped and dated when you got 'PADI ReActivated').

If a dive shop sees a recent ReActivate date on your certification card, they will know you have already refreshed your scuba skills and you are eager to jump back in the water.

Note: The course materials for the PADI ReActivate™ Scuba Program are available in English, French, German, Korean, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Does PADI Scuba Certification Expire?

No! PADI Scuba Diving certifications do not have an expiry date. Hence, participation in PADI ReActivate™ is not a mandatory part for divers who want to take advanced scuba lessons.

In general, there are several ways you can continue diving without any need to take a scuba refresher course with an instructor, such as by:

PADI ReActivate™ Requirements

There are only a few prerequisites to refresh your scuba skills and dive theory knowledge and then restart your PADI certification:

Scuba Diving Refresher Tips

Other sections in this site contain further advice and tips about popular topics (especially for beginners), including:

Note: The Private Scuba team is keen to conduct your reactivation and get you back into diving. You can also join our tours around coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks at the best dive sites in Thailand.

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Note: The short video [1:25 seconds] presented by PADI explains how to refresh your scuba diving skills after being inactive for a while. Click here to contact Private Scuba Instructors in Pattaya, Thailand.

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