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PADI Dive Theory Course Online

You can improve your dive theory knowledge and prepare for your PADI course exams by studying the principles of scuba diving in cyberspace.

Six sections cover the basic concepts, science, and laws for physics, physiology, diver skills, scuba equipment, and planning for the diving environment.

Who Benefits from Learning Diving Online?

Almost all scuba divers and snorkelers will benefit from completing dive theory knowledge courses.

But, dive master candidates, assistant instructors, and anyone heading for the Instructor Development Course (IDC) may benefit the most.

The main reason is because professional level candidates will be able to use the web based program to prepare for the course exams.

As long as you are at least ten (10) years of age you can take the PADI Dive Theory online course.

The PADI eLearning™ system provides a range of excellent interactive presentations, including video, audio, assorted graphics, and easy-to-understand reading sections.

Here's how it works:

Completing the short quizzes will confirm if you understood the information. As a result, you can move through the program at your own pace.

An exam at the end of each section in the Dive Theory course is scored by automatic process, and verifies mastery of the entire sub-topic.

Course Completion Requirements

There are no in-water practical components allocated to the Dive Theory Online course - which is different to most PADI eLearning courses. So, access to the Internet is all you need to complete the course material.

Price for Diving Theory Online Course

After you pay the fee for the PADI Dive Theory Course online segment (around 3,000 THB), there will be no refund available.

Documenting Completion of the Segments

PADI will notify the relevant dive shop once you finish the eLearning portions. So, the staff will know that you have finished and you are ready to enjoy practical aspects of the program (if applicable).

You can also print out your personal eRecord at the end of the program and take a copy to the PADI Dive Center or Resort of your choosing.

How Long is the PADI eLearning Course?

Divers who want to learn more about scuba science and history can do so through interactive presentations and video footage. But, aspiring divemasters and wannabe scuba trainers will find this a convenient method of gaining professional-level knowledge.

You need to complete the eLearning segments within one (1) year of registering for the course. The minimum time needed to complete the knowledge development for all six sections is around fifteen (15) hours.

FAQ about Dive Theory Online

Is PADI eLearning Free?

The 'Introduction to Open Water Course' is free and an ideal way to start a scuba diving certification online. There is no credit card required to create an account online.

But, there is a nonrefundable charge (around 7,000 THB) for many online versions - including the PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning course.

What Happens if You Fail PADI eLearning?

All PADI scuba diving courses combine some knowledge development with practical training exercises. This helps students understand the basic principles and safety aspects involved.

A review of the final test must show that you scored at least seventy five percent (75%). Nonetheless, you will be able to retake the test if you don't pass it on the first attempt.

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