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PADI® Scuba Tune Up Review Online

The content for scuba tune-up is broken down into 8 mini sections which makes it easier for students to complete a dive knowledge review online.

Information in this help guide explains the course requirements, how the PADI eLearning™ online refresher works, and how long it will take.

Who Benefits Most from a Scuba Tune-Up?

After the introduction, the course content covers these eight topics:

First and foremost, the program is for certified scuba divers who plan on diving again after a period of inactivity (e.g. longer than six months).

Even so, anyone who is searching for ways to refresh their knowledge about scuba diving principles will get the most out of the lessons.

Simply put, the PADI® Scuba Tune Up Course Online is the ideal resource for divers to brush up on dive theory knowledge after taking a short break in the training.

Does PADI Require Refresher Courses for Divers?

Are you planning a vacation to any of the top dive sites for scuba divers, such as here in Thailand? If so, you may need to get your scuba knowledge and skills refreshed - because many dive shops will require it.

This is even more important if your last dive was more than one year ago. Hence, the PADI ReActivate® Program will get you all brushed up and 'scuba ready' for the trip.

Diving in a bit deeper:

The PADI eLearning Scuba Tune-up online program is for almost anyone (minimum age 10). But, to participate in the practical, in-water portions covered by the program, you must be (all):

Here's how it works:

PADI eLearning™ system contains interactive presentations, including audio, video, and graphics. Completing the short quizzes will confirm whether you understood the information.

This means you can move through the refresher course at your own pace. An exam at the end of each section of the PADI® Scuba Tune Up Review Online is scored by automatic process and verifies mastery of the entire topic.

Completing the Online Tune Up Course

There is no requirement from PADI for students to make any scuba training dives in confined or open water. Even so, it's always good practice to refresh your diving knowledge and skills at regular intervals.

How Long is the PADI eLearning Course?

You need to complete the eLearning segments within one (1) year of registering for the course. The minimum time needed to complete the knowledge development for all eight sections is around five (5) hours.

Documenting Completion of the Segments

PADI will notify the relevant dive shop once you finish the eLearning portions. So, the staff will know that you have finished and you are ready to enjoy practical aspects of the program (if applicable).

You can also print out your personal eRecord at the end of the program and take a copy to the PADI Dive Center or Resort of your choosing.

Is PADI eLearning Free?

The 'Introduction to Open Water Course' is free and an ideal way to start a scuba diving certification online. There is no credit card required to create an account online.

But, there is a nonrefundable charge (around 7,000 THB) for many online versions - including the PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning course.

What Happens if You Fail PADI eLearning?

All PADI scuba diving courses combine some knowledge development with practical training exercises. This helps students understand the basic principles and safety aspects involved.

A review of the final test must show that you scored at least seventy five percent (75%). Nonetheless, you will be able to retake the test if you don't pass it on the first attempt.

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