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Advanced Open Water eLearning™

A new digital product is making it easier for beginners to study online at a pace that suits them - thanks to PADI's eLearning programs.

The Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning™ facility combines flexibility with convenience to better engage student divers.

Studying the Advanced Diver Course Online

The new system works similar to other scuba eLearning products that are already in place.

Hence, answering the knowledge check questions is the first step after reading through each subtopic.

Doing so helps to solidify student understanding as you work your way through your chosen subjects.

Thus, you need to complete the Knowledge Reviews at the end of each section to get credit on your eRecord.

Note: Dive shops and instructors will sell the product and then monitor the progress of each student diver via the PADI eLearning® virtual classroom.

FAQ about eLearning Advanced Open Water

Is PADI eLearning Free?

The 'Introduction to Open Water Course' is free and an ideal way to start a scuba diving certification online. There is no credit card required to create an account online.

But, there is a nonrefundable charge (around 7,000 THB) for most online versions - including the PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning course.

Which Sections Do I Need to Complete?

You must complete two sections, the 'Introduction' and another section called 'Thinking Like a Diver'. You will also be encouraged to complete two more sections for Advanced Open Water Diver certification - 'Deep Diving' and the 'Underwater Navigation' segments.

Remember you will need to finish all the sections required for your chosen Adventure Dives. But, you can choose to complete all of the subjects if you have the opportunity to do so.

Important: If you will be starting with the Adventure Diver certification you can choose any three (3) Adventure Dives.

Why Should I Study PADI Advanced Online?

There are several key features that make this kind of independent study easier. For example, entry-level divers can benefit from:

Are there any Restrictions for eLearners?

The eLearning scuba program allows students to complete the knowledge development portions for seven (7) of the sections taken from the online curriculum. The seven adventure dives are:

Students will be able to access the Adventures in Diving Manual to try other adventure dives (e.g. using the Tools menu of the online classroom).

Then, you can print out all the knowledge developments that you completed online. Present them to the instructor along with your Advanced Open Water Diver eRecord.

Exception: Two advanced courses, Enriched Air Nitrox and the Digital Underwater Photographer follow traditional guidelines. Hence, students must use the specialty manual for these adventure dives when completing knowledge reviews.

Why Does it Only Cover Selected Dives?

The course covers selected dives following a survey of PADI Members. Those who issue high numbers of Advanced Open Water Diver certifications identified the most common adventure dives offered.

Is the Adventures in Diving Manual Available Online?

The short answer is yes. The entire manual required for the PADI Adventures in Diving program is available online to divers who enrol in the online scuba course.

How Long is PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning?

In most cases, dive students who are studying online will need a time commitment of six (6) to eight (8) hours to completely finish the knowledge development section of the course.

What Happens if You Fail PADI eLearning?

All PADI scuba diving courses combine some knowledge development with practical training exercises. This helps students understand the basic principles and safety aspects involved.

A review of the final test must show that you scored at least seventy five percent (75%). Nonetheless, you will be able to retake the test if you don't pass it on the first attempt.

What Comes after the Advanced Open Water Course?

After certification, you will be one step closer to the PADI Rescue Diver course and the elite rating of Master Scuba Diver. You should consider this as being the ultimate non-professional certification in recreational scuba diving.

Important: Completing the eLearning™ Advanced Open Water course online is a flexible way to learn diving and it's convenient. Even so, you need to be certified as a PADI Open water Diver before you take part in any in-water training.

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