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DAN: Divers Alert Network

DAN stands for Divers Alert Network. The association integrates a group of not-for-profit, membership-based organizations working to enhance the safety of recreational scuba divers.

Worldwide, the largest association of recreational divers supports DAN's advances in diver education, medical research, and scuba related training.

Review: Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

DAN AP offers worldwide emergency evacuation coverage and optional scuba injury treatment insurance services (for members).

In addition, the organization funds and operates 24-hour scuba diving emergency hotlines throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The Divers Alert Network is part of the International DAN Federation of Dive Safety Organizations. It is a worldwide membership that exceeds some 300,000 participants.

Worldwide, DAN members dive in most of the best diving destinations you can find. As such, they have peace of mind knowing that doctors and phone operators are available 24-hours a day and 7 days a week to assist in the event of a diving accident or illness.

Divers Alert Network is the largest association dedicated to scuba safety in the diving industry. It has been serving the needs of scuba divers for well over 30 years.

Thus, DAN has a number of great deals to offer, no matter whether you are still learning how to scuba dive or you are one of the unwavering veterans of the sport.

Diving Accident Insurance

DAN gets the majority of its support from membership dues. As such, they can offer members accident insurance through a partnership set up with several major insurance companies.

Their unique services meet the needs of divers to have adequate insurance that covers the cost of treating severe scuba diving injuries.

Diver Safety Resources

The 24-hour DAN Emergency Hotline is +1-919-684-9111 (one of their best-known resources). It operates every hour of every day in preparation of helping scuba divers when they need it most.

Divers Alert Network also offers non-emergency resources, including:

DAN's Database of Doctors

As you may expect, DAN has a database of doctors that know all about diving and dive medicine. So, how can you contact one near to your location?

Providing expert information for the benefit of the diving public is a primary part of their mission. In fact, they can answer many medical questions via the DAN Information Line (see the phone number above).

Even so, there will be some issues that require a consultation by a medical specialist or a personal examination by a doctor. Hence, DAN medics will put divers in touch with local physicians who understand about dive medicine.

Diving Incident Reporting System

Factual reports and genuine case studies highlight the tragedies of scuba diving accidents and insights with critical analysis to help change future outcomes.

Anyone can report an incident to DAN research department to help them expand the results of their data collection and guidance for industry regulation.

Divers Helping other Divers

DAN operates a unique partnership between their organization and the divers who help to support it. In return, divers get to enjoy a range of great benefits, such as:

Nonetheless, having completed our review of Divers Alert Network (DAN), being a part of (and helping to support) the largest association of scuba divers dedicated to scuba diving safety, is likely to be the best benefit of all.

DAN Membership: Private Scuba

Divers Alert Network: Review of DAN Dive Safety AssociationWhy is having DAN Membership and Dive Injury (treatment) Insurance protection so important to our team at Private Scuba?

It's all about being prepared for the unexpected - scuba accidents and illnesses. We need reliable access to a reputable organization that will help us co-ordinate any rescue effort and get the patient(s) to the most appropriate treatment centre.

Then there is the unwelcome issue of cost. DAN protection ensures their members do not get lumbered with the burden of a hefty invoice if the incident is severe (e.g. flying too soon after scuba diving).

Here's a good example:

"DAN's involvement in the evacuation of a paralyzed diver from the Solomon Islands to Australia was significant. The evacuation cost was around AU $90,000 (as they needed to source an aircraft from far away). What's more, the treatment costs were in excess of US $30,000, plus on-going expenses."

Thus, being prepared means peace-of-mind. Being covered by the experts in diver accident management means you know who to call in the event of a dive accident or illness.

Note: You can email our diving doctor with questions or comments about DAN membership, scuba diving safety, or dive medicine related issues.

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