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DAN Internship Program

Are you interested in learning about diving medicine and safety protocols for scuba divers? If so, college students can enhance their interests through the DAN Internship Program.

Anyone who participates will have an opportunity to develop and boost their professional skills that may eventually lead to a career advancement.

DAN Diving Medicine, Research, and Safety

Interns have been gaining valuable experiences in dive safety research since the creation of the DAN Internship Program (20+ years ago).

As a result, more than one hundred apprentices have acquired superior knowledge and skills in diving-related fields.

In most cases, traineeship at the Divers Alert Network (DAN) will be a three-month encounter.

During this period, interns get to promote dive safety and complement DAN's efforts to aid divers who need emergency medical assistance.

It is not uncommon for DAN Internship Program candidates to obtain a direct path to further career opportunities in a diving safety related vocation. All interns will be working alongside a mentor based at DAN Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.

DAN Internships: Research

Interns will:

Medical Services

Some of the practical training will include:

Risk Mitigation

After becoming familiar with risk mitigation (including dive safety resources and initiatives), qualifying candidates will:

DAN Internship Programs may include traineeship experiences in the following topics (or field missions):

DAN Research Volunteer Training Program

Early-Stage Researchers can take part in a 48-hour course and learn which scientific techniques and methodology is needed to pursue a career in diving science.

A combination of classroom sessions and fieldwork encompasses the following topics:

Early-Stage Researcher Development Program

Research Department staff and collaborators will lead interns through a 12-week program (e.g. six hours per week) to cover the following skill workshops:

Requirements for Acceptance

Young college students should have an educational background or major in the sciences (preferred). Ideal candidates will have good organisational skills and will also be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills.

The DAN Internship does not contain any specific diver training. But, candidates should be certified scuba divers, and have some diving experience, to address many of the activities that focus on dive safety.

DAN Internship Program Location

Divers Alert Network
6 West Colony Place
NC 27705 USA
Schedule for Interns

Approximately twelve (12) weeks (usually May through August)
Extensions are possible based on several factors
Full Time: Monday to Friday (8:30am to 5pm)
There may be occasional weekend obligations


DAN internships are mostly unpaid. Even so, interns may receive reimbursements for accommodation, board, as well as other selected costs by submitting a weekly expense log to the internship administrator.

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Note: The short video [1:01 seconds] presented by Divers Alert Network outlines what to expect from the DAN Internship Program. Click here to contact Private Scuba Instructors in Pattaya, Thailand.

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