Master Scuba Diver

PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Program

The PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver is a recognized rating that is awarded upon completion of meeting the requirements for this certification in Pattaya, Thailand.

The rating for juniors denotes the very highest level of recreational diving within the PADI system of education for youths. It indicates a significant amount of training and experience in various dive environments.

The Private Scuba Team will customize a price for student divers, depending on the number of courses, specialties, and logged dives in order to meet the criteria.

Master Scuba Diver Requirements and Outline

A PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver is a member of an elite group of who have excelled in diving with superior knowledge and dive skills in a range of specialized diving techniques.

To earn this rating, the youngster must have successfully completed at least five PADI Specialty Courses, be certified at rescue level, and have logged at least fifty dives. It takes dedication, time, and commitment to be included in the upper echelons of the sport.

The teenage rating is revered and recognized as an extremely experienced achiever because the options for the program derive from specialty courses.

PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Course Cost Varies*

✔ Direct and personalised supervision from your private scuba instructor

✔ Free rental of modern dive equipment and instruction how to use the gear

✔ Classroom sessions of knowledge reviews and dive planning

✔ All required open water training dives (maximum 21 meters)

✔ Pattaya hotel transfers, hot buffet food, soft drinks, and afternoon snacks on the boat

✔ The PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Certification Card and student training manuals

Contact Us today to reserve your PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver course with the Private Scuba Team in Pattaya, Thailand.

PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver Course in Pattaya, ThailandThe PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge is an open invitation to fanatics who have the time and dedication to join the diving elite, sometimes referred to as the 'black belt' of diving.

To get you further interested, there are several countries worldwide, where PADI offers a free application. This is particularly true in the Asia Pacific regions.

I have personally trained a twelve year old Junior Master Scuba Diver in Thailand - a rewarding experience - and there is no higher accolade for children who are divers.

The junior rating carries all the same devotion and training that is required to attain this elite rating and although there are not too many twelve year old Junior Master Scuba Divers, it is a wonderful achievement for a child.

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