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How to Become Lifeguard Certified

In general, anyone with good swimming skills can train to safeguard people around water - and perform a rescue if it becomes necessary.

This guide contains information about the lifeguard course in Thailand, including how long it takes and how to start lifeguarding for a career.

Lifeguard Training in Thailand: Prerequisites

Lifeguards are trained to monitor the safety of people near water (e.g. kids, swimmers, surfers), at popular water-based locations such as:

Plus, internationally recognised lifeguard certifications allow successful candidates to gain employment as part of water safety teams.

Participants will learn how to prevent drowning and near drowning incidents and the basics for conducting in-water rescues, such as when lifeguarding on beach attendance duty.

International Lifeguard Certifications

The legal protection of a sanctioned certification is a result of following the strict lifeguard training standards. Thus, every successful candidate will have passed skills evaluations and a final exam.

Lifeguard Training Candidate Prerequisites

There are various reasons why people attend the class. But, in some cases it may be a legal requirement for your organisation to have.

So for example, most school teachers and hotel staff will be supervising young children and non-swimmers around water, especially at popular holiday resort areas.

To join a lifeguard training program in Thailand, you should:

Pro Tip: After getting certified as a lifeguard you will have an internationally recognised certification that allows you to work with water safety teams around the world. Please contact our team for further information.

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Note: The short tutorial video [5:11 seconds] presented by the American Lifeguard Association® explains more about the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified lifeguard.

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