Hinge-beak Shrimp

Hinge Beak Shrimp Facts and Information

Taxonomy [R. Durbanensis] [Phylum: Arthropoda] [Class: Malacostraca] [Family: Rhynchocinetidae]

The hinge-beak shrimp species (or prawn) with an angled beak is known by many different names.

Some of the nicknames include:

The shrimp's beak or rostrum is angled, usually upwards, and it is movable hence the name 'hinge beak'.

The males and females have distinguishing body stripes mostly red and white in coloring but the male shrimp has larger claws (chelipeds).

As with most shrimps, they congregate around coral rubble and under overhangs in rock crevasses.

They like to hide in this type of secret habitat especially during their molting stage.

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