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Tulamben Dive Sites

The amazing dive sites in Tulamben and Kubu with adjoining Amed are huge attractions for serious in-depth scuba divers. They incorporate the best 'doorstep' scuba spots in Bali. Some of the sites are a short walk and a few fin-kicks from the shoreline.

Hardened wreck diving fanatics make the trek here for the spectacular coral encrusted USAT Liberty Wreck but even inexperienced divers and non-divers will find this quiet recluse on the north-east coastline a welcome break from the touristic Balinese holiday resorts.

Tulamben, Kubu, and Amed

USAT Liberty Ship WreckFor example the famously prominent Tulamben Drop-off eastern dive site is a steep wall teeming with fish life. The undulating slopes that shelve into the deep from the main bay produce another spectacular dive site for schooling vertebrates that captivates and constantly delivers superb photo opportunities. The diving conditions at Tulamben sites rarely suffer from strong currents and the underwater visibility ranges from 15 - 30 meters with depths sloping to forty meters in most areas.

Tulamben Dive Sites List

> USAT Liberty Ship Wreck

> Tulamben Coral Garden

> Tulamben Drop Off

Eel Garden
Reef Ridges
Shark Point
Kubu Reefs
Tulamben Drift
Amed Dive Sites
Mystery Rocks
Padang Bai / Candidasa


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