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Coral Garden Dive Site Tulamben Bali

Imagine pristine coral structures in a shallow bay, flourishing with colourful polyps, underwater statues, and some of the rarest marine life on the planet.

This guide contains useful information about Coral Garden dive site and why beginners and macro-life enthusiasts will find this one of the easiest shore entries from a sandy beach.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling at Coral Gardens

From all the dive sites in Bali, there are several reasons why divers and snorkelers choose this location:

In fact, a dazzling display of spectacular coral begins at two (2) metres before it gradually shelves its way down deeper.

The shallowness of this particular diving spot, and weak water current, make it one of the least challenging diving destinations for novices, as well as underwater photographers.

It is broadly a location for reef fishes. Even so, the occasional passing of a whitetip reef shark eclipses the regular sightings of sea life plants and animals. There's also an artificial reef structure that resembles the shape of a small aeroplane.

Coral Garden Topography

The location runs for about 150 metres in Tulamben Bay, close to the Liberty Wreck and Drop Off dive site. Hence, the backdrop is nothing short of a magnificent hue of colour and diverse marine creatures.

If you're an adventurous diver, the dive site at Coral Garden actually continues deeper beyond the main reef. As the sandy slope gently drops down to about fifteen (15) metres, you can find giant barrel sponges creating large habitats for other fish species.

Marine Life at Coral Gardens

The house reef at Tulamben Bay provides an incredible habitat for a plethora of rare marine creatures. Some of the most noteworthy includes:

Pro Tip: Tulamben Bay's Coral Garden diving site is not deep and the water movement is mostly calm. As a result, many of the local dive schools use this spot for conducting the Night Diver Specialty course.

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Pro Tip: The short video [8:55 seconds] presented by 'Blue Horizon Diving' contains amazing footage of the team scuba diving the USAT Liberty Shipwreck in Tulamben Bay, Bali, Indonesia.

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