Pygmy Seahorse

Pygmy Seahorse Facts and Species Information

Taxonomy [Hippocampus bargibanti] [Phylum: Chordata] [Class: Actinopterygii] [Family: Syngnathidae]

Pygmy Seahorses species belong to several families of Syngnathidae that also include pipefish.

They are predominantly found in South East Asia - often referred to as the Coral Triangle.

The tiniest seahorses in the world measures less than 2 cm tall and the pygmy seahorse is one of the smallest.

The pygmy seahorse 'Hippocampus bargibanti' was the first pygmy species discovered by scientists who were examining a gorgonian fan coral in a laboratory.

There have been six additional species since the year 2000.

Most pygmies live exclusively in habitats that match their coloring such as gorgonians and seagrasses. Fan corals share similar appearance to their body and allow the minute seahorse to seek effective camouflage.

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