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Drop Off Dive Site Tulamben

The spectacular Tulamben Drop Off wall diving and snorkeling experience begins directly from the beach. From only one meter below the surface you can start the first level of the stunning black sand dive and continue downwards at your leisure. There are various multiple level landscapes and overhanging rocky outcrops at the site which eventually step gradually down to 40 meters and beyond to the abyss at 80 meters below the surface. If you like to see angel fish then you will be enthralled with the many different species at this spot such as the emperor, yellow-faced and blue-banded angelfishes.


Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Underwater Visibility: 15 - 30m
General Currents: Weak to Mild
Unusual Hazards: None Noted

Points Of Interest: Barracuda, Anthias, Turtles, Stingrays, Batfish, Bream, Trevally, Jacks, Yellow-tail Fusiliers, Pygmy Seahorses, Sweetlips, Scorpion Fish, Angelfish, Nudibranch, Flounders, Duke Fish, Lionfish, Puffer Fish, Hawkfish, Gobies,Blennies, Coral Trout, Shrimps, Ghostpipefish, Butterfly Fish, Bump-head Parrot Fish, Napoleon Wrasse, Gorgonian Sea Fans, Moray Eels, Dottybacks, Anemone Fish, White-tip Reef Sharks.


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