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Thai Food from Very Different Regions

The different areas of Thailand - being the North, North East, Central and Southern - each have their own style of cooking Thai food.

As far as Thai food and Thai cooking are concerned, Thailand is divided into different regions. These regions have different cultures, dress and food. Food in particular, is very different in the different areas.

Which Area in Thailand has the Best Food?

If you think that Thai food is just Thai food, you would be wrong. There is:

All these areas have their own variations on most of the Thai dishes.

Much of the differences are because of the different geography. (Not easy to cook Thai seafood dishes in north east or Northern Thailand – Those areas have no sea! Thai food is mainly about fresh food.)

North East Thailand Isan Food Dishes

Isan is the driest – and hottest – area of Thailand with no access to the sea. But, it has the very productive Mekong River flowing through much of it, so there is a good supply of freshwater fish.

Isan is known best for its rice farming, but other crops are also grown on smaller scale, including many vegetables.

So when you are cooking Isaan food it can include Fish, Chicken, or Pork – all available fresh from the local markets, and of course many people grow their own vegetables in their garden areas.

Isan people don’t always have to pay for their vegetables, if they have good neighbours.

North Thailand SausageNorthern Thailand Foods

North Thailand – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai etc – is similar to Isan, because they also use and eat Sticky Rice.

But, their food is not spicy like Isan, and they do not use Slatternly. Most of the northern Thai food is cooked with vegetable oil until well cooked.

Food and Dishes in South Thailand

Thai Rice Salad Food in Southern ThailandIn the South of Thailand, there is the coast of course.

The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand – depending where you are, but everywhere you are, you are near to the sea and a good supply of fresh seafood.

Southern Thailand food is spicy, but different type of spice and flavour to Isan food.

Central Thailand Food Culture

Shrimps and Broccoli in Central ThailandCentral Thailand has the fertile plains of the Chao Phraya and other rivers.

Much of the fertile soil has been washed down from the North and North East over many years.

Many different vegetables and fruits are grown, and of course also used in the local cooking.

The food in central Thailand is probably near to what is served in western Thai restaurants. Not to spicy, but spicy enough for most foreigners.

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