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Thai Food Dishes in Central Thailand

When people talk about Central Thailand, they of course think mainly about Bangkok. Bangkok is in central Thailand, but there is much more to Central Thailand than the capital city.

The main thing about Bangkok as far as Thai food is concerned, is that it has to be suitable for all tastes, because Thais from all over the country live in Bangkok. They have had to move there to find good work.

General Food in Central Thailand

Some of the best and most popular Thai food dishes started in central Thailand, and eating is a very important social activity in Bangkok itself.

Not for all Thai people of course, but for those Thais with money, some of the best restaurants in Thailand are in Bangkok.

Some of the Central Thai food is very specialized – such as the beautiful hand carving of fruit – especially water melons.

There are also many sweet dishes which are made in central Thailand, and are sent out to all the provinces for all Thais to enjoy.

Many of the world-famous Thai dishes are always available in central Thailand, and especially in Bangkok, which has many international people for holiday and work in the Bangkok businesses.

Who in the world has not heard of Pad Thai – Thai fried Noodle dish. Other famous Thai dishes are:

After – or with these main dishes – you can have some of the local sweet snacks such as:

There are many more!

Fish dishes are everywhere in the central Thai region, and they include:

There are many more, but those will be enough until I start writing about them all.

For cooking in this region, the normal spices include Dried Red Pepper, Onions, Garlic, Galangal, Lemon Grass, Bergamot, Sweet Basil and of course Turmeric. One of the main ingredients for many dishes is coconut cream.

It is easy to get central Thailand food, in any part of Thailand – especially the cities, where the restaurants will have many central foods on their menu.

It is even easier to get it in Bangkok, because most people living there are very busy, don’t have time to cook, so street food is everywhere, so are the mobile motorbike and sidecar food vendors, or even the convenience shops such as the famous Seven Elevens.

Why bother to prepare and cook food if you are a busy person, when it is everywhere to buy.

Cultural Eating in Central Thailand

Before modernization started, Thai food was normally eaten by sitting on the floor on mats or carpets and food was served up on trays or placed on a very low table. Much depended upon the status of the family.

Hands were normally used to pick up the rice and into their mouths – known as Thai Perp Khao eating. A shared spoon was only used when there was a ‘liquid’ or messy food such as curry to eat.

Now, as Thai people are getting more western-style (a little bit because of the TV) spoons and even forks are used. But we use the fork to push the food on the spoon ready for eating.

Not eat with the fork. Knives are not normally used. Why should they be used? Thai food doesn’t need to be cut! But of course, some restaurants now provide knives and spoons, or maybe knives and forks.

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