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Thai Food in the South of Thailand

The sea – Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea – holds a plentiful supply of all types of fish and shell seafood. So many of the southern dishes of food have seafood.

The area is good for growing with enough rain each year to keep everything green, and of course it is good for farm growing of vegetables and fruits.

The South of Thailand is made up of the areas of the Upper Gulf; Lower Gulf; Upper Andaman Coast; Lower Andaman and the Deep South.

All of the areas have coastline and sea.

That is why the South of Thailand is very popular for tourism.

The further south you travel, the more Muslim the areas become instead of Buddhist.

This makes a difference to the food, because Muslims do not eat pork, but for meat they normally use goat meat and beef.

Although all that fish and fresh vegetables are available, one of the main local dishes in the south is a sour soup – Gang Tai Pla - made with fish organs.

Other popular southern foods include:

Because of its special tastes, the southern food is not very popular in other parts of Thailand, but some from other parts like it because it is normally very spicy, but different spicy to Isan food.

Many of the southern dishes are cooked with local spices and coconut milk is used. They also use shrimp paste in their cooking. The sea is very kind to those in the south for good fish supply.

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