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Napoleon Reef Dive Site Pemuteran Bay

The local scuba schools go to Napoleon Reef for the range of depth levels and interesting underwater terrain. Plus, the dive boats can get easy access to some of the shallowest reefs.

This section explains how to get to the dive site called Napoleon Reef close to Pemuteran in the north west of Bali and what kind of marine life exists in the area.

Diving and Snorkeling at the Napoleon Reef

Despite the stunning white sandy beach, Pemuteran has yet to become a tourist hotspot.

Yet, this remote corner of Bali encases some of the easiest destinations for local dive centers to visit.

Even so, most of the scuba diving at Pemuteran and Menjangan is done by boat from the coastline.

The dive site called Napoleon Reef has a plateaued top (flat) with coral outcrops that gently slope away from it.

As a result, it is a good, all-round spot for beginners, as well as divers with considerable experience. In other words, you can find some exciting opportunities to take underwater photos - during the day and on night dives.

Marine Life at Napoleon Point

Compared with some of the famous dive sites in Bali, this one is quite small and shallow. Nonetheless, you'll find an abundance of hard and soft corals scattered around the sandbanks.

There's no shortage of big fish too. Besides the large pelagic species that roam around the area (e.g. reef sharks and eagle rays), you should also catch sightings of:

Pro Tip: We generally find that divers of all scuba diving certification levels will find some gratification after they make a trip to this location.

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