Sail Rock

Sail Rock Dive Site

Heading southwards from Koh Tao towards Koh Phangan a monumental granite rock known as Sail Rock rises dramatically from the sea.

Below lie the outmatched descending walls for divers in this area of Thailand.

Hopes of seeing whale sharks tempts daily scuba trips from the two nearby islands especially during peak season but divers leave the dive site completely rewarded by other marine creatures even when the gigantic fish does not show.

Shoals of pelagic fishes ambush the area and batfish, jacks and barracuda congregate to entertain the sightseers.

The craggy wall dive is famed only by a rock chimney that allows careful penetration through an opening around 18 meters, ascending to the one of the two shallower exits a few meters above.

Most divers drop down to the bottom at 30 meters and slowly circumnavigate the pinnacle using a spiral ascent. Inexperienced divers may find the occasional strong currents too difficult for finning against so they are advised to stay on the leeward side of the rock for maximum shelter.

As strong sunlight filters down the granite boulder, fish shimmer in the crystal blue haze. Trevallies darting in chasing for food are constantly harassing the schools of nervous fish fry.

Seemingly ever-present 'diver-friendly' batfish cue for a photo and swarms of glassfish cloud the view. Relatively rare crustaceans like hinge beak shrimps are spotted in the coral wall by eagle-eyed divers while boxer shrimp manicure inside the mouth of participating moray eels. Sail Rock is truly a fantastic dive site that seems never to disappoint.

Sail Rock Dive Site Facts

Average Depth: 15m

Maximum Depth: 38m

Underwater Visibility: 10 - 25m

General Currents: Moderate to Strong

Unusual Hazards: Craggy Rocks, Scorpion Fish

Points of Interest: Whale Sharks, Hinge Beak Shrimps, Moray Eels, Boxer Shrimp, Anemone Fish, Scorpion Fish, Reef Sharks, Longfin Batfish, Barracudas, Jacks.

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