Shark Island

Shark Island Dive Site

As you may have guessed, shark island is named for the similarities of its protruding rocky outcrops at sea level.

The shape resembles the predator's dorsal fin - to some shark fanatics.

The location is to the south of Koh Tao which tends to keep fewer divers from visiting this dive site.

Those that make the journey will find fringing reefs and coral systems that invite a motley crew of mollusks, rays and eels to occupy the protected crevices that it provides.

The water around the geological shark fin is not deep, around 4 meters in places, which offers good conditions for snorkelers.

Unfortunately for snorkeling tours the strong currents can be a killer at shark island.The site drops steeply to 20 meters at the deepest point.

Fish life is more prevalent on the east of the rocks where you will see a sloping reef garden adorned with brain corals and barrel sponges. Dive gently down the slope and you are likely to encounter clouds of snappers shading the reef below.

Be alert for the striking banded angel fish and spotted stingrays hiding in the sandy seabed. Lucky divers and snorkelers may see whale sharks or a passing surface-bound turtle. Black tip reef sharks are reportedly traversing the area but beware of the aggressive but boldly colored trigger fish.

Shark Island Dive Site Facts

Average Depth: 12m

Maximum Depth: 20m

Underwater Visibility: 10 - 25m

General Currents: Moderate to Very Strong

Unusual Hazards: Trigger Fish, Craggy Rocks

Points of Interest: Black Tip Sharks, Sea Anemones, Whale Shark, Triggerfish, Brain Coral, Snappers, Pink Anemones, Barrel Sponges.

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