Grande Island

Scuba Diving Grande Island

Grande Island is located close to Sao Jorge Island and they are both popular dive destinations from Goa.

Diving snorkeling trips head to these twin islands for clearer water and diverse sites underwater.

There are shallow sandy bays with calm sheltered recluses and challenging underwater reefs and pinnacles for divers with more experience.

During the peak season, the warm water and weaker currents make this the number one spot for exploring marine animals and water sports in the local area.

Grande Island Dive Site Facts

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Points Of Interest: Barracudas, Sergeant Major Fish, Angelfish, Banner Fish, Damsel Fish, Snappers, Sweetlips, Groupers, Sweepers, Butterfly Fish, Parrot Fish, Wrasse, Tangs, Mullets, Tuna, Batfish, Scorpion Fish, Lionfish, Rock Cod, Sea Cucumbers, Blennies, Gobies, Lobsters, Cuttlefish, Shrimps, Nudibranch, Table Coral, Brain Coral, Sea Whips, Gorgonian Fans, Turtles, Woebegong, Reef Sharks, Shovel Nosed Rays, Stingrays, Nurse Sharks, Dogfish, Bottle-nose Dolphins.

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