Nurse Shark

Nurse Shark Facts and Information

Taxonomy [Ginglymostoma Cirratum] [Phylum: Chordate] [Class: Chondrichthyes] [Family: Selachimorpha]

Nurse Sharks are one of the most common of all sharks encountered by Scuba Divers.

In angling parlance, the Nurse Shark is a 'bottom feeder'.

That is, that is spends most of it's life on the sea bed - sloshing around to find small fish or crustaceans which they then mangle with many rows of small teeth.

There are many interpretations as to the common name of Nurse Shark.

Whichever is true, we are happy to go along with it - rather than having to remember it's scientific name - Ginglymostoma Cirratum.

Species Threats to Nurse Sharks

Nurse Shark Facts and InformationNurse Sharks are generally harmless to humans - though there have been several incident where they have been disturbed or even trodden on.

They spend much of the daytime lying on the sea floor - sometimes several bodies deep.

Being nocturnal - they are more active at night - unless disturbed!

If they have been know to bite, then it is usually a defensive rather than an offensive action. Nevertheless, at around 4 meters long, they need to be treated with respect. Do NOT annoy or disturb in any way.

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