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Prachin Buri Province, Thailand

Despite being one of the least visited regions in eastern Thailand, Prachin Buri Province is a busy commercial area that also hosts several popular tourist attractions.

This Prachinburi travel guide explains how to get there from Bangkok, things to do when you arrive, and what you need to know if you swing by this agricultural hotspot.

Enterprise and Tourism in Prachinburi Town

The distance from the centre of Bangkok to Prachin Buri is about 150 kilometres if you travel by road.

But, depending on which route you take and the time of day that you travel, the journey should take no more than two (2) hours.

You can also travel from Bangkok to Prachinburi by train (about two hours) or you can use the public bus service.

Note: You should allow four (4) hours if you choose the bus option.

You cannot fly direct from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Pachim.

Even so, there are domestic flight facilities available at Kabin Buri Airport and Hinzon Airport. Several other eastern provinces create borders with all four corners of landlocked Prachin Buri, including:

The Eastern Line of the State Railway of Thailand stops at Prachin Buri Railway Station (around 122 km from Bangkok). Several trains run from Bangkok to Prachinburi each day, and vice versa. This is the cheapest way to avoid Route 310 - the main road that cuts through the hilly district.

This is mostly an agricultural region situated in a large valley due east of Bangkok. The low-lying paddy fields surround the Bang Pakong River, and the San Kamphaeng mountain range creates stunning high plateaus.

Prachin Buri National Parks

In fact, the national parks in Prachin Buri cover more than 3,000 square kilometres of terrain. As a result, the largest protected area of land throughout the Kingdom of Thailand includes:

In other words, there's no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy if you visit Prachin Buri. The tourist invasion that occurred in the nearby holiday resort Pattaya is yet to happen here.

Here's the thing:

The lack of tourism means many of the natural features remain untouched and unspoilt. Visitors will discover beautiful waterfalls, cooling river rapids, colourful flowers, and incredible Buddhist temples.

Industry in Prachinburi

Rojana Industrial Park, built in the district of Si Maha Phot, has become a hub for manufacturing and business startups.

To prove a point, one of the largest tenants is Honda Automobile (Thailand) co. ltd, which opened in March of 2016. The administrative divisions in the province divide into seven (7) districts:

Important: Even though the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) classifies it as being a 'regional hospital', the Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is the primary health institution of Prachinburi province.

Landmarks and Temples in Prachin Buri

According to Buddhist tradition, a Bodhi tree is an important symbol that was planted about 2000 years ago in Wat Si Maha Phot temple.

Furthermore, the provincial seal, coloured red (as a symbol for land) and yellow (for Buddhism), is a modern depiction of the famous Bodhi tree. Other famous religious landmarks include:

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