Hin Daeng

Hin Daeng Scuba Diving Site

Hin Daeng means Red Rock. It is situated a little over 50 km south of Phi Phi.

The underwater reef rises up from the depths of 50 meters plus and breaks the surface as a small rock.

The two sister sites of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are similarly fascinating dive sites and considered by many experts to be among the top spots in Thailand.

They are undeniably dramatic dive sites and maybe second only to the world famous Similan Islands for 40 meter viz and sightings of big fish.

The two rocks are found in open sea attracting large pelagic fish and manta rays. Big fish and whale sharks are regularly spotted during the plankton bloom months from February to the end of April.

Hin Daeng Dive Site Facts

Best Dive Months: November to April

Average Depth: 28 meters

Maximum Depth: 50 meters

Visibility: 15 - 40 meters

Currents: Moderate to Strong

Hazards: Short No-decompression limit

Marine Life: Nudibranch, Black Tip Sharks, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Scorpion Fish, Sponges, Sea Whips, Fusilier Fishes.

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