Hin Dot

Hin Dot Dive and Snorkel Site

Hin Dot is a relatively small submerged pinnacle south of the main island of Phi Phi Don.

The local dive shops often use this shallow dive site for try dives because of its closeness to Tonsai Bay.

Fish activity is a premium here but the underwater topography at this small pinnacle may disappoint you if you are a fan of stunning corals and 1 hour dives.

Scorpion fish live in this area so be sure to look for the bearded species (pictured) and stone fish among the corals and near the narrow rock passage-ways at 12 meters.

Hin Dot Dive Site Facts

Best Dive Months: November to April

Average Depth: 8 meters

Maximum Depth: 25 meters

Visibility: 15 - 25 meters

Currents: Weak to Moderate

Hazards: None Noted

Marine Life: Nudibranch, Black Tip Sharks, Scorpion Fish, Sponges, Sea Whips, Fusilier Fishes.

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