Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish Facts and Species Information

Taxonomy [Scorpaeniformes] [Phylum: Chordata] [Class: Actinopterygii] [Family: Scorpaenidae]

The scorpionfish families have more than 100 members and are among the most highly venomous marine fish species in the world.

They are mostly found in tropical seas especially the Indo-Pacific regions.

Similar to the scorpion arthropod, the fish has a deadly sting contained in mucus coated sharp spines on its back.

Some of the attractive lionfish species are favorite exotic specimens for aquarium enthusiasts and appropriate caution is advised when handling dangerous fish.

Scorpion Fish Needle Spines

Scorpion fish feature a stout compressed body with needle-like spines on its head and fins.

In fact most of the spikes contain deadly venom which is produced from the glands at the base of the fins.

Scorpion Fish Facts and Species InformationMost of the species, including the pestilent stone fish, wait patiently in disguise and suddenly strike passing prey before swallowing them whole.

Lionfish tend to be less subtle and often ambush small fish or herd other food sources like crabs and shrimps into a corner be devouring their victim.

Perciformes account for 40% of bony fish and they are suction feeders.

Scorpionfish feed in the same manner by capturing its prey before projecting a suction zone to suck the food into its mouth.

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