Koh Si

Koh Si Krabi Aonang

Easily accessible from Ao Nang beach, Koh Si is a firm favorite for snorkelers and swimmers.

The site for divers is surrounded by two huge coral gardens in the shallow areas.

The clearest water and picturesque scenery is mainly to the south of the island.

Marine life is mostly macro creatures such as nudibranch and seahorses, but you should also see snappers and scorpion fish.

The steep wall in the north of Koh Si is adorned with Tubeastrea barrel corals and other soft coral such as sponges and sea whips.

If you are eagle-eyed and patient you may also spot black-tip reef sharks darting through the area.

Koh Si Dive Site Facts

Average Depth: 8m

Maximum Depth: 25m

Underwater Visibility: 5 - 15m

General Currents: Moderate

Unusual Hazards: None Noted

Points of Interest: Nudibranch, Black Tip Sharks, Scorpion Fish, Sponges, Sea Whips.

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