Koh Yawabon

Koh Yawabon Krabi Aonang

Koh Yawabon is one of the least visited islands by Krabi dive boats.

Divers who venture here will see large schools of 'diver friendly' fish swimming in the blue.

The distinct lack of predators also encourages lobsters, stingrays, and large groupers to settle in the area.

Another attraction for adventurous divers is a famous long swim-through at Koh Yawabon.

Note: Do not attempt penetration or swimming through without the appropriate equipment and specialized training.

This opening is prone to strong currents and there is a dark zone which creates its own hazards.

Koh Yawabon Dive Site Facts

Average Depth: 5m

Maximum Depth: 25m

Underwater Visibility: 5 - 15m

General Currents: Moderate to Strong

Unusual Hazards: None Noted

Points of Interest: Lobtser, Stingrays (Myliobatiformes), Groupers, Batfish.

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