Scuba Diving Netrani Island


Netrani is a small uninhabited coral island off the coastline of the south-west Indian district of Karnataka.

The tiny heart-shaped outcrop is often called Pigeon Island because of their abundant presence on the rock.

It is in the Arabian Sea less than 10 nautical miles from Murudeshwara.

Netrani offers the best scuba diving location within easy reach of Goa, Bangalore, and India's capital Mumbai.

Dive Sites Near Netrani

Diving and snorkeling expeditions to Netrani are offered by a few of the dive schools in Goa. The marine life around the island rates better in diversity and the water clarity is undoubtedly a big attraction for Goan divers.

The island's fringing coral systems create natural habitats for butterfly fish, parrot fish, morays, eels and shrimps. In fact we also saw a recent review that whale sharks and killer whales are in the area.

The optimum months for diving Netrani are December until February and you are advised to seek permission before visiting the island. Scheduled dive boat trips and snorkeling tours are becoming popular in the peak season.

Professional operations are aware of local hazards and safety procedures at the dive site. Stepping foot on the island is largely off limits because of the steep cliffs and craggy rocks at the shoreline.

The twin island close to Netrani is occasionally used for shelling practice by the Indian Navy and divers can see the submerged spent shells underwater around the islands.

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The sea conditions deteriorate significantly from June through to October and most trips are closed during the monsoon season.

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