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Scuba diving is an exciting pastime offering varying degrees of apprehension and exhilaration. You will find divers 'doing their thing' in a range of diverse locations.

Private Scuba is the best place for absolute beginners and people who like to dive to learn more about underwater adventures and deep-sea diving activities.

What are the Attractions of Scuba Diving?

Adrenalin levels rise, your heart beats a little faster, and a new world of wonderment waits below.

Divers and snorkelers get to see nature and biodiversity at its finest. It is a colorful mix of marine life and oceanic landscapes.

The information in this website describes the beautiful scenery that is, for many, an unseen world beneath the waves.

We help you learn about it and savor its enchanting richness. But, we must also treat it with respect.

You may have already guessed it - scuba diving is in our blood! What's more... we want to share our passion and our experiences with you.

So, let's dive in:

Recreational scuba is a unique 'non-contact' sport. The enjoyment and safety of our industry is based around trust, partnerships, and communication.

A team of scuba professionals contribute their knowledge and expertise throughout this site. The primary purpose is to offer a wealth of expert advice and safety tips to help make diving easier and more enjoyable.

We pride ourselves in helping our dive buddies get the most from diving. One way that we achieve it is by sharing unbiased helpful advice.

With more than twenty years in the business of diving, the foundation of our success revolves around the firsthand experiences of all that matters in the community. Welcome aboard!

Private Scuba: Popular Categories


The Private Scuba A-Z section contains a comprehensive list of diving topics with links to further detailed information and useful advice.

For example, some of the most viewed categories are:


PADI scuba diving certification levels.Most likely, you will already have heard of PADI if you're serious about scuba diving.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the leading scuba diver training organization.

Our section on 'PADI Diving Courses' lists the range of scuba certifications with full details on course content and requirements.

This is the ideal place for beginners to start. The topics also cover different professional levels up to the coveted PADI Divemaster qualification.

Note: You can also browse through our FREE scuba lessons online and get ahead of the curve. Almost all reputable scuba entities will offer certifications through a PADI based outlet.


Scuba diving equipment for sale online.Choosing the right scuba diving equipment is an important aspect for diver safety.

The section shows what gear is available - and what equipment you need to go diving.

You can also browse through the accessories section to see how the modern and sophisticated dive gear can help you develop your skills.

From eye goggles to full wetsuits, and other ancillaries (e.g. cameras and computer based gadgets), this section will keep you up-to-date and heading in the right direction.


Information about sea life creatures.If this image of a Mola Mola does not enthrall you - or scare you - be aware that oceans are alive with a mass of underwater creatures.

They're as curious about you - as you are about them. Yet, many organisms will stay rooted to the same spot for several years.

The huge range of sea life animals section is one of the major attractions for divers and snorkelers alike.

But, once you have dived, you will appreciate the importance of our ecosystems. The section divides into several sub-categories that include vertebrates (e.g. seahorses) and invertebrates (e.g. jellyfishes).


CPR to injured scuba diver.As with many sports, there are hidden and obvious dangers that can lead to injury. Sometimes, they will be fatal in the pursuit of pleasure and learning.

Scuba diving is no different! Dive accidents happen in an alien environment, so special care is needed and often dive-specific treatment is required.

Whether you are 'entry level' or an experienced diver, you should acquaint yourself on all aspects of scuba diving injuries and possible remedies that you might be called upon to undertake - sometimes unaided!

Important: The PADI Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a free template and flow chart that guides rescuers in providing effective assistance in cases of diving accidents.


Clear sea for diving at Goa.You can view some of the best dive sites in the world from the comfort of a PC or mobile phone.

We dive into some of the most beautiful areas around the globe, from Asia through to Europe.

Fortunately, many of which happen to have the top scuba diving destinations and facilities to boot.

Note: You can contact the Private Scuba team if you have any questions or comments. Scuba Steve will reply with a personal email.


The snorkeling blog is the place to find expert snorkeling tips for beginners and all the answers you need about swimming with a snorkel.

Check out other sections that contain reviews about snorkel gear, newsworthy articles for snorkelers, and how to find great snorkeling destinations.


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