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Snorkeling Kit Checklist

There are several reasons why you should have your own personal snorkeling set. For example, it usually increases hygiene and it's easier to store safely.

This section explains how to buy underwater masks, snorkel tubes, fins, and other accessories for snorkelers, such as digital waterproof cameras.

Using Snorkel Gear Properly

So, you are planning on buying snorkeling gear for your own personal use? If so, remember all basic snorkel sets comprise of:

In most cases, the boat crew will provide all the equipment needed for snorkeling when you join an organised coral island snorkel tour.

The snorkeling trips we offer in Thailand will include a thermal wetsuit and a flotation jacket for extra safety in the water.

Nonetheless, our trained staff will offer you a brief introduction about how to snorkel safely before you enter the water.

We include advice and handy tips for beginner snorkelers on air breathing techniques, how to use flotation vests, and how to make efficient fin-kicking strokes at the surface and while submerged.

Note: Snorkel swimming is a low impact sport which improves your general health and fitness. In fact, marathon swim training and snorkeling in cold water is a recommended therapeutic aerobic activity for your heart rate. As a result, snorkeling is a family sport with zero discrimination towards height, weight, gender, and age.

A list of basic equipment needed for snorkeling activities.Snorkeling Equipment and Function Review

The essentials of snorkeling equipment kits have only a few lightweight and inexpensive items. Even so, a basic package needs to contain a diving mask, a snorkel tube, and a pair of fins.

Beginners can buy a cheap starter set for snorkeling - and then upgrade the quality and versatility of the gear when the time suits.

You use simple snorkeling gear to see coral formations and fish families below the surface. The equipment allows you to breathe with your face in the water while swimming around shallow reefs.

Snorkeling Gear Review and List

Important: Our basic review of snorkeling equipment sets is for general information only. So, we recommend you seek professional advice with up-to-date quality ratings from our expert sales team in the shop before you join an organised snorkeling tour.

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