Accident Guide

PADI Diver Emergency Action Plan

The PADI Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a free template providing accident assistance and guidance to help patient response.

Even though the written example below is prepared essentially for rescue divers and Divemasters, it is a useful download during your dive training.

You should only use the scripted sample format below as a guide.

But, a scuba diving assistance plan is meant to be completed at the scene of any serious accident requiring immediate action and assisting ultimately in satisfactory patient response.

The Emergency Action Plan PADI should be handed over to the medical specialist to ensure accurate details are passed on about treatment given to the patient.

PADI Emergency Assistance Plan [EAP] - Required Information

Scuba Accident? Please Notify Your Name, Phone No', and Location to;

First Aid Equipment Available (examples)

Emergency Radio Communications (local radio channels)

Provide name of inured diver(s) and details of the dive.

Maximum Depth _________________________________

Dive Time ______________________________________

Ascent Rate (fast/average/slow) _____________________

Safety Stop/Decompression Made ____________________

Gas Used (air/nitrox/trimix) _________________________

Dives in Previous 48 Hours __________________________

Accident Description:

Location ________________________________________

Details _________________________________________

First Aid Given and Patient's Response __________________

Further Treatment Advised _________________________

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Note: This scuba accident emergency assistance plan (EAP) is meant to be a helpful guide for certified divers. The free sample does not replace professional training in critical patient response and accident management such as in the PADI Rescue and Divemaster Courses.