Best Scuba Diving: Gear, Lessons, Practices, Sites

Scuba diving is seen by many as an exciting 'one-upmanship' pastime. Diving takes you to many exotic locations – normally in tropical destinations with all the added lifestyle that comes as part of the deal.

Deep-sea diving is a great experience to relate to landlubbers in the pub back home.

The attractions of Scuba Diving are not fully realized until that first dip below the water level. The adrenalin rises, the heart beats faster and a new world is below you.

The underwater world is full of colorful marine life, awe, and wonderment at the underwater oceanic landscape. Many terrestrial 'norms' such as cliffs, mountains, and meadows are there.

But, the environment below sea level has different plants than those at home and a new breed of animal life – previously seen only in glossy magazines and 007 Films.

Welcome to the beautiful scenery that is the world beneath the waves. Learn about it, savor its richness, and at all times treat it with respect!

Scuba Diving is in our blood. We want to share our passion and experience with you.

Clear Sea at GoaBest Dive Sites in the World - all here from the comfort of your pc or your mobile.

We dive into the most beautiful areas in the world - which often happen to have the best Scuba Diving Sites and facilities as well.

If you have any follow-up info, we would be pleased to receive any comments or back up snippets for use of fellow divers.

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Scuba Wet SuitsChoosing the right Scuba Diving Equipment is an important aspect of successful and safe diving.

We show you what is available and needed to get you on your way and then advance with more sophisticated gear as you develop your skills.

From eye goggles to full wet suits, and ancillaries such as cameras and computer based gadgets, this section will keep you up to date and head you in the right direction.

Padi Logo Home pageAll who contemplate serious scuba diving will have heard of - or be acquainted with the main umbrella organisation of PADI.

There are many PADI Diving Courses starting as you would expect from beginners, through the different levels to the coveted PADI Dive Master qualification.

A full breakdown of the courses available are here - You may want to have a sneak preview of our own online FREE Scuba Lessons section as well. Most reputable Scuba Dive venues will have a PADI based outlet.

Mola Mola Home page imageIf this image of the Mola Mola does not enthrall you - or maybe even scare you - be aware that the sea is (normally) alive with masses of underwater creatures who will be just as curious about you as you are about them.

The huge range of Sea Life A-Z is one of the major draws for Scuba Diving.

Not all of it moves, for many organisms are rooted to the same spot for many years.

Only once you have dived, will you full appreciate how important our seas are. We would be failing in our duty if "Accidents" were glossed over.

CPR to injured scuba diverAs with many sports there are hidden and obvious dangers that can lead to injury - sometimes fatal in the pursuit of pleasure and learning.

Diving is no different and because dive accidents happen in an alien environment, special care needs to be taken and often dive-specific treatment is required.

Note: The PADI Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a free template and flow chart that guides rescuers in providing effective assistance in cases of scuba diving accidents.

Whether you are 'entry level' or an experienced diver, you should acquaint yourself on all aspects of Scuba Diving Accidents and the possible remedies you might be called upon to undertake - sometimes unaided!

Recreational scuba is a unique non-contact sport. The enjoyment and safety of our industry is based around trust, partnerships, and communication. We pride ourselves in helping our dive buddies get the most from diving by sharing unbiased helpful advice.

With more than twenty years in the business of diving, the foundation of our success is based on firsthand experience of all matters Scuba Diving. Welcome aboard!