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Welcome from Pattaya Private Scuba Team - We offer a full range of dive and family fun snorkeling programs for beginners and advanced certification courses for qualified divers with a scuba license. PADI Diving at its Best!

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PADI Scuba Courses in Pattaya

Get your PADI scuba certificate in sun-drenched tropical temperatures and balmy sea water at Pattaya Beach, where one or two days of thrilling dive lessons meet the requirements for international diving certifications. Click the link to browse the full list of scuba courses which include the basic scuba diver, entry-level open water, advanced, rescue diver, and intensive professional level training.

Review our amazingly low course costs and then add the Private Scuba bonus. Our best prices include your certification card, the trainee manual, specialized underwater diver's gear during the class, hot meals and soft drinks on the boat, and transfers from your Pattaya hotel to the dive shop in the resort. You can even start your scuba course online right now with PADI eLearning.

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Pattaya Diving - Shallow Seahorses and Sunken Shipwrecks

Unlike Phuket and Koh Tao, Pattaya’s year-round diving and snorkeling season is broadly unaffected by annual monsoon rains. The most dived coral archipelagos are the appropriately named Pattaya 'Near' and 'Far' island chains. You will find a stimulating mixture of shallow dive sites for newcomers and snorkelers – including the new seahorse garden – and deeper destinations with sunken ship wrecks waiting to be explored by certified divers with experience in deep diving.

"Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Pattaya - sunshine, warm sea water, tropical sandy beaches, and uninhabited faraway pinnacles"


Useful Information Tips about SCUBA

Recreational scuba is a unique non-contact sport. The enjoyment and safety of our industry is based around trust, partnerships, and communication. At Pattaya Private Scuba we pride ourselves in helping our dive buddies get the most from diving by providing superior underwater scuba training at the dive school and unbiased helpful advice. With more than twenty years in the business of diving, the foundation of our success is based on giving honest answers to frequently asked questions and valuable information you need to enjoy the sport safely.

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