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Hat Laem Sing Beach in Chanthaburi

Laem Sing Beach is signposted as a scenic area. Not only was the sea calm, the water was clear and clean. The beach is flat, gently sloping to the sea at all tides.

What is there to Do at Laem Sing Beach?

There are nice views from the beach and beyond. The beach however is a long white sanded beach gently curved and well sheltered by rows of Casuarina Tree.

The sea was surprisingly calm, even though other beaches that were visited in the area on the same day were a little lively.

Not only was the sea calm, the water was clear and generally clean. The beach is flat and gently slopes to the sea at all tides.

To compliment the peaceful beach and general air of relaxation, there is also an attractive public page area creating a cool haven with its shelters in modern style and lush plantings of palm trees.

Laem Sing is peaceful, with rarely anything more than sounds of laughter. However, there was a banana boat, desperately looking for clients it seems.

The beach is populated for the most part by Thais, and other than the peaceful atmosphere and solitude, there is little of interest for tourists.

But, if you want to get away from the touristy type of places, look no further than this beach. A few foreigners – farangs – venture to the beach just for that.

A well planted and sheltered public park area with good palm trees and modern sitting pagodas for total relaxation and just watching life go by.

The beach proper is around 800 -900metres long, but in reality the stretch of sand disappears well into the distance on the south east side.

There is a beach road shrouded with plenty of trees, with not too much in the way of amenities. No bars that we were aware of, though a few of the beach shops stocked the usual bottles.

Eating at Laem Sing Beach

Very friendly locals, and happy to help and also try to understand! We had a good meal with tom kha seafood with coconut milk soup and good fried rice with baked shrimps with Thai spaghetti and fresh drinking water.

Thai People Paddling in the Sea at Hat Laem Sing BeachThe whole meal cost a reasonable 310 baht – and friendly service thrown in.

There are a number of good restaurants serving local caught seafood of course with assorted Thai dishes also available.

Beyond the beach to the east there are several fishing villages and communities. Out in the bay is the small island Koh Chula, which can be accessed from one of the fishing-type boats.

Some of these are happy to take you further along the bay to see the other mainly deserted stretches of sand that make up the long sandy bay.

The fishermen are also happy to take you out to their favourite fishing area, where you are assured of massive catches! (Just remember the Thais reputation for slight exaggeration. As with all fishermen.

Accommodation at Hat Laem Sing Chanthaburi

Laem Sing Whitehouse - 84/9 Moo2 Paknam Laemsing, Chanthaburi, 22130
Tel. 081-6830778, 080-5731508

Leamsing Natural Beach Resort – 109/3 M.1 T. parknam A.Laemsing, Chanthaburi 22130
Tel. 039-499343,089-9399107

Boom Boom Resort – Laem Sing Beach , Chanthaburi 22130
Tel. 039-499399

Nisa Siri Boutique Resort – 105/3 M.1 T. parknam A.Laemsing , Chanthaburi 22130
Tel. 039-399363, 088-840-1208, 088-567-9873

Laemsing View Resort - 77/1 Moo 2 Tambon Paknum Laemsing, Chanthaburi
Tel. 084-1032193

Sangtong Beach Resort - 20/2 Moo 1 Parknam Chanthaburi, 22130 Laem Sing
Tel. 039 499 143, 081 000 3298, 089 093 0770

Getting to Hat Laem Sing

Hat Laem Sing is around 30 kilometres from Chanthaburi provincial capital, and is accessed via the road marker number 347.

Turn right (3419 being the best option, passing Laem Sing hospital on the way) and drive down the long road for around 14 km to get to the well signed beach area.

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