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Chanthaburi East Coast of Thailand

Chanthaburi is rightly famed for its production of a wide range of fruit, and of course it is a world renowned centre for gems - both precious and semi-precious.

Moreover, the province of Chanthaburi is bordered by beautiful accessible forests and quiet beaches. But, the area is most famous for its fruit and gemstones.

Things to Do & See in Chanthaburi Province

Many of the gemstones are mined and quarried locally, and can be bought in the market as un-processed lumps of quartz-like rock.

Chanthaburi province is placed in the midst of lush forests, and boasts a number of spectacular waterfalls.

It sits on the Chanthaburi river, and is approximately 250 kilometres from Bangkok. It is not on the main tourist itinerary, other than the few tours that are sent out for the gem markets.

The large influx of gem traders at the weekends ensures that there is a good range of hotels and accommodation within easy reach of the city.

Chanthaburi is home to some important temples ("Wats") - both in the city and surrounding provincial area. There are also memorable monuments to King Taksin the Great - a formidable King in Thailand many years ago.

There are many fishing villages on the coastal reaches, and the seafood obviously finds its way into some superb seafood restaurants. There are many 'undiscovered' beaches in the province - mostly peaceful at the moment.

Fruit production is in evidence in all areas away from the city centre, and the production of Durian in particular is well known, and the fruits widely sought after.

The architecture of the main provincial town is varied. But the French connections from years gone by can be seen in some of the buildings.

It is also home to the largest Catholic Cathedral in Thailand. There is a substantial Christian population in the area.

Districts in Chantaburi Province are Mueang Chanthaburi | Na Yai Am | Kang Hang Maeo | Tha Mai | Khlung | Laem Sing | Pong Nam Ron | Makham | Soi Dao | Khao Khitchakut

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