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Hat Khung Wiman Beach Chanthaburi

Khung Wiman Beach is one of the most attractive and smallest of the Chanthaburi beaches. It is one of the nicest beaches on the east coast of Thailand, with golden sand and an intimate atmosphere. It's a small beach with a big attitude!

How to Get to Hat Khung Wiman Beach?

Route 3399 twists and turns a bit coming down from its junction with Highway Route 3 – Sukhumvit Road.

It is situated about 30 km west of Klaeng and about two (2) kilometres before the Wang ta Not River, coming from Klaeng. It is signposted.

Hat Khung Wiman is as nice as any other small beach on the east coast, and nicer than most.

The fact that the sand is a gorgeous gold and not white is absolutely no problem. It also helps in that it probably has sea water much clearer and cleaner than most on the east coast.

The beach is nicely situated and sheltered in its own little bay, with trees to the other side of the beach road as well as on the beach area. It has a noted National Park at Ao Kung Kaban as a neighbour.

The north east area (turning right as you drive down to the beach road) seems to be the favourite for anglers. Not too many rocks to snag, but enough to attract certain types of fish.

The beach is a popular haunt for Thais – seemingly undiscovered for the most part by foreigners. Khung Wiman is the ideal place and size for those bringing the families – especially with youngsters.

There is plenty for them to do within view, with several swings slung from overhanging trees for fun and laughter.

Casuarina trees are the main means of natural shade, but with many nice palm thatched eating pagodas along the beach.

Where to Stay at Kung Wiman Chanthaburi

Hat Khung Wiman Beach Chanthaburi Province ThailandPopular Resorts for Kung Wiman Beach in Chanthaburi

Wimarn House Resort – 55/4 M.7 T.Sanam Chai A.Nayaiarm , Chanthaburi, 22170
Tel. 039-417457

Jenong Kung Wiman Beach Resort – Kung Wiman Beach , Chanthaburi 22170
Tel. 086-8483727 , 039-417264

Ak Kanee Resort - Kung Wiman Beach , Chanthaburi 22170
Tel. 084-5993299 , 081-4934307

Chomtalay Resort – 85/1 M.7 T. Sanam Chai A.Nayaiarm , Chanthaburi
Tel. 039-417300 , 085-0958854

Restaurant Facilities at Khung Wiman Beach

Enough restaurants, but not over supplied. The ones that are there are all well situated with food cooked over the beach road and delivered to your seat – of which there are many.

Most of the restaurants are on the other side of the beach road – about 10-20 metres from the beach.

The beach road travels the length with ample parking on either side. There are just a few resorts along the beach, but what a place to wake up to in the mornings.

Just a few spots of general untidiness at the outskirts – both ends – but the restaurant areas are kept clean as is most of the beach.

Hat Khung Wiman sand slopes gently down to the sea, but with a slight dip further out. It is essentially a relaxing beach, with no fishing boats – but a few walk-fishermen in the sea. Umbrellas are not generally provided, but no matter – plenty of other shade.

The beach is essentially for lazing and gazing, with the odd bit of self-made activity thrown in as, when, and if wanted.

Most of the area is a photographer’s dream, and should fill up many pages on Facebook! Weekends seem to be the busiest times - as with all beaches near to built up areas, but for most of the weekdays - even at lunchtime, there is plenty of space at the beach.

There is a jolly looking Big Buddha just behind the beach. It can be reached by driving back out of the access road and taking first turning up a hill track on the right hand side.

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