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Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

World-class healthcare services provided by the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok began back in 1980 when it was first founded.

Since then, they have become an established leader in international patient support for anyone travelling into the heart of Thailand's capital city.

Bumrungrad International Hospital Archives

Some of Bumrungrad hospital's significant events, achievements, and landmarks include:

Locals refer to the largest hospital in Southeast Asia as the 'Bumrungrad Hospital'. In fact, a literal translation of 'Bumrungrad' is to care for - or nurture - the people.

Bumrungrad International Hospital has firmly established itself as a medical tourism destination leader, caring for more than 1.1 million patients from 190+ countries each year.

Note: Another page contains a comprehensive list of public hospitals in Bangkok (i.e. state-owned) with the all-important contact details.

Measurable Results for Quality and Safety

The first hospital to be accredited in Asia by the Joint Commission International (JCI) was the Bumrungrad, in 2002. It's also received repeated accreditations since then, along with:

In other words, several international accreditations, combined with consistent clinical standards, is proof that they have demonstrated some of the lowest infection rates and highest clinical success rates in Thailand, and around the world.

An Alliance of Expertise

One of the key developments that sets them apart from some of the other healthcare institutions in Bangkok is the multidisciplinary teams. For example, they have:

Hence, it's fair to say that the Bumrungrad International Hospital is a 'one-stop shop' for patients who need a reliable healthcare destination.

Medical Technology and Innovation

Some recent advancements made at Bumrungrad Hospital include an expansion in 'Precision Medicine'. This particular department offers personalised treatments and therapies for various types of cancers. Plus, CardioInsight is another cutting-edge technology that they use.

Information about Bumrungrad International Hospital BangkokIn simple terminology, their Non-invasive 3D Mapping System of diagnostics technology diagnoses heart arrhythmias.

Furthermore, the Bumrungrad was the first IBM Watson for Oncology (e.g. WFO artificial intelligence assistant decision system) site in the world.

Using this innovative technology means doctors and specialists are able to compare their findings against big data. In turn, it means they can offer the most accurate treatments available.

Long ago, the Bumrungrad's Robotic Surgery Center was a surgical treatment for prostate cancer. But now, state-of-the-art robotic-assisted surgery (e.g. MAKOplasty©, Mazor X, and da Vinci System) create greater consistency and accuracy.

Bumrungrad's Compassionate Caring

As one may expect, the core value for all hospitals should be compassionate caring. As such, there have been countless reports issued abroad about the quality treatment and medical care that patients have received at the Bumrungrad International Hospital.

The vast majority of their doctors speak English. Plus, the hospital employs over two hundred interpreters to cover the different language needs of the patients.

Here's the thing:

The Bumrungrad International Airport Representative Office, located at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), is like no other.

Patients, along with their families, can get end to end service from various pick-up and drop-off logistics and hotel reservations upon arrival.

In a nutshell, going the extra mile results in convenience, compassion, and comfort. The Bumrungrad treats all patients with equal care. Hence, the translation of the Thai name Bumrungrad "care for the people".

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