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List of Temples in Ang Thong Province

There are more than thirty thousand places of worship for Buddhists in current use in Thailand (Thai: Wat) so you won't need to travel far to find one.

This section focuses on the most distinctive of Buddhist temples and monasteries that members of the public can visit in the central province of Ang Thong.

Why are there so Many Temples in Thailand

Some of the "uplifting" reasons for having 33,000+ temples, include:

Note: In Thailand, there are two (2) public Sangha Universities (Mahachulalongkorana and Mahamakut) and one (1) private Monk University (International Buddhist College).

Ang Thong Buddhist Temples

The same core functions apply at more than two hundred Buddhist temples and historical landmarks that you can find in Ang Thong province, central Thailand.

In fact, people who live in remote villages rely on them more than most. To prove a point, Angthong province is small, and yet it houses the largest sitting Buddha (also called The Great Buddha) throughout the whole of Thailand.

The Big Buddha of Thailand

As of November in 2018, it was the tallest statue in Thailand. It was also the second tallest in Southeast Asia, and in the top 10 tallest statues around the world.

So, where is it?

The Big Buddha of Thailand stands (or sits) in Wat Muang temple in the province of Ang Thong. It measures ninety two metres high (300 feet) and sixty three metres wide (210 feet).

The concrete construction started in 1990 and it took eighteen years to finish it in 2008. The Great Buddha is painted gold and seated in the posture known as Maravijaya Attitude.

This list of Ang Thong's temples includes most of the famous and distinctive sights that visitors come to see more often than others.

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Note: The short video [15:05 seconds] presented by "Brielli TV" contains footage covering five of the most popular religious temples in Angthong, Thailand (including Luangphu Tuad).

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