Barotrauma and Pressure Injuries Advice

Most divers are familiar with the dangers of not equalizing their ears and sinuses during descents and ascents.

But there are other less common pressure injuries (squeezes) such as a dental barotrauma (Barodontalgia), facial barotrauma and gastrointestinal barotrauma.

> Middle-Ear Barotrauma (MEBT)

> Pulmonary Barotrauma

> Dental Barotrauma

> Facial Barotrauma

> Gastrointestinal Barotrauma

> Sinus Barotrauma

Common Causes of Scuba Barotraumas

Dental Barotrauma

Dental Barotrauma Symptoms

Dental Barotrauma Treatment

Facial Barotrauma

Facial Barotrauma Symptoms

Facial Barotrauma Treatment

Gastrointestinal Barotrauma

Gastrointestinal Barotrauma Symptoms

Gastrointestinal Barotrauma Treatment

Sinus Barotrauma

Sinus Barotrauma Symptoms

Sinus Barotrauma Treatment

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