SNUBA Diving vs. SCUBA Diving

SNUBA® diving water sport activities were first developed in the early nineties.

SNUBA seems to bridge the gap and creates a comfortable 'limit-pusher' combination between traditional snorkeling and scuba diving.

But what does SNUBA mean, and what are the advantages of SNUBA vs Scuba?

You might expect the acronym SNUBA to be a clever combination of snorkeling and scuba. But, in fact it stands for Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Although it continues to be very popular in the Caribbean and Hawaii, it struggles to compete worldwide with other mainstream popular water-based family adventures such as scuba and snorkeling. That said, many will see SNUBA as taking snorkeling to the next level.

What is SNUBA Diving?

In fact, SNUBA is a worldwide licensed product resort activity. The programs that use this product are only offered through certified SNUBA Recreational Centers (SRCs) which adhere to strict licensing requirements and operating procedures.

SNUBA diving fills the gap for some adventure travelers that surface snorkeling does not offer. Diving down and breaking the surface using SNUBA allows you to experience the three-dimensional underwater world while breathing comfortably through a scuba regulator.

A sea-level support raft supplies air through a long tube attached to the regulators reaching depths from one meter to six meters. SNUBA divers appreciate the comfort and security of joining a small close group monitored by a safety guide throughout the underwater tour.

If you crave more excitement than traditional snorkeling but you are sceptical about scuba diving, SNUBA is super easy to learn and you do not need to have any previous experience or certification. The activity is enjoyed by basic swimmers and novice snorkelers making it accessible to families with children and seniors who may have never snorkelled before.

So, Who Likes to SNUBA?

Certified scuba divers promote it as an introduction to the sport to their non-certified friends and potential dive buddies. SNUBA Doo® is the program which allows children from four years old to participate. There are similarities in both water-based activities. But, whether 'SNUBA or Scuba' is for you will be a matter of preference.

After a twenty minute safety briefing and your supply of a mask, some diving fins, a weight belt, and a safety harness you will be breathing and swimming underwater with ease and controlled comfort supplied by your certified SNUBA Guide.

Even though you have range and depth limitations, this is a relatively simple adventure that gets you close to the corals swimming among the fishes. SNUBA vs Scuba vs Snorkeling. Study all, then maybe try all before you reach conclusions!

Article Submitted by Scuba Steve

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