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Snorkels: Types of Snorkel Tubes

There are many different snorkel tubes available on the market. Traditionally, the best snorkels for swimming and underwater activities are those with smooth coloured plastic tubing.

Nowadays, the top equipment manufacturers produce cheap ergonomically designed dry snorkels that are virtually waterproof.

How Snorkels Work

The ancient history of breathing through a tube, while submerged in water, dates back to 3,000 BC. During those times, sponge farmers used a hollow reed as an air tube to breathe.

But, the best modern snorkels have a purge valve to help drain excess seawater from the bottom orifice back into the ocean.

A unique type of clip assembly attaches the plastic J-shaped breathing tube to one side of the mask strap.

In most cases, you should attach it to the left hand side of your mask if you have already certified as a scuba diver (e.g. through PADI).

Good quality, dry snorkels combine an ultra-low profile with superior airflow technology. This type of snorkel design eliminates almost any water from splashing into the barrel.

What are the Best Snorkels for Snorkeling?What are the Best Snorkels for Snorkeling?

Modern breather tubes have a mask attachment called a keeper. It is a large bore for ease of breathing and displacement clearing. They also contain a purge valve for easy draining of excess salt water.

Snorkel breathing at the surface allows you to rest your face head-down in the water. That means you can inhale air through the half submerged vertical plastic tube.

The first step is mastering the technique for using snorkeling masks and the basic snorkel kit. Following that, you should be able to sustain breathing at sea level for relatively long periods of time without lifting your head from the water.

In a nutshell, the best snorkel and mask brand is one that provides you with a water-tight seal and a snug fit over your face.

As a snorkeler, it is a personal piece of gear – meaning you will put it in your mouth. So, the best price may not be your most important issue if you are looking to have your own snorkeling gear.

Best Snorkel Tip: Renting second hand equipment can be unhygienic at best (a somewhat disgusting experience at worst). But, you can buy yourself a cheap snorkel through our online shopping facility.

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