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Best Dive Masks for Snorkeling

Snorkeling masks - often called swim masks and goggles - are used to view things in water, because human eyes do not focus clearly underwater.

Thus, a mask enables snorkel swimmers to see below the surface while their head is in the water. You need a swim mask to go snorkeling or scuba diving.

How to Fit a Snorkel Mask for Proper Fitting

First of all, hold it gently against your face without securing the strap and then gently inhale through your nose.

If the mask does not fall off when you release your hands as you lean forward, you can consider the mask as being a snug, comfortable fit.

Snorkel Mask Lenses

Glass lenses of the best masks for snorkeling will be made of tempered glass. Thus, the best snorkeling mask brands have toughened glasses to prevent serious injury (e.g. if they get broken accidentally).

So, what if you need to buy a mask with corrective lenses? If so, you can purchase separate prescription lenses to replace your standard lenses. Or, you might prefer to buy a prescription lens mask (e.g. a Cressi Focus Snorkeling Mask with Optical Lenses).

The 'diopter' is the unit refractive strength of vision correcting lenses. Hence, it can be a plus or a minus number – depending on whether you need distance or magnification correction.

Snorkeling underwater while wearing prescription glasses is not possible because the mask will not fit correctly or safely over the top of spectacles. Nonetheless, swimming with contact lenses is fine for most people.

How Swim Masks Work

The best snorkeling mask creates an air pocket between your eyes and the ocean - helping you to see further and clearer. This is how snorkelers see underwater.

The mask has a strap, which is usually made of Velcro or rubber. The strap safely attaches the snorkel tube at the side and secures the assembly onto your head.

Subgear Angel mask for snorkeling.Importance of Cleaning New Snorkeling Masks

Often, there will be a protective chemical layer on the glass lenses of brand new masks. You should remove the lacquer before you use it for snorkeling to reduce fogging.

Periodic scrubbing with white toothpaste also helps in place of a defogger if you do not have a supply of anti-fog.

Scrub the lenses inside and outside with white toothpaste (as recommended by the manufacturer). Rinse with clean water and repeat the process if necessary.

White toothpaste is better than blue gel because it is more abrasive. Hence, removing the chemical should ensure your new snorkeling mask stays fog-free.

Wearing shop rental snorkeling sets rarely produce the best water-tight seal for your face. Furthermore, they may not be very hygienic if they have not been cleaned and stored properly. A mask that lets water in will be irritating and uncomfortable, especially if you have a mustache or beard.

Put another way:

Acquiring your own snorkeling mask and swim fins will increase your confidence and it means you can store them appropriately. We have all the best snorkeling masks for sale with low prices and deals to suit all budgets at our snorkel shop in Thailand.

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Note: The snorkeling equipment and accessories section contains further information and tips when using the gear in the water, such as diving flippers.

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