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Scuba Diving around the South West

Active divers in the United Kingdom can enjoy a diving excursion to one of the top dive spots around North Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset.

This help guide contains information about the most popular diving destinations between the English Channel and the Bristol Channel around the South West Peninsula.

Best Months to Dive South West of England

There's no shortage of famous dive sites in England. Even so, the south west region is a popular destination for diving with blue sharks.

Plus, the chequered seafaring history of the British Isles means there is an abundance of sunken wrecks for deep sea divers to explore near the shorelines.

Here's the thing:

Sea temperatures rarely get above 10° Celsius (50° Fahrenheit) during the winter, and hover around 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit) in summer.

It's fair to say that some "hardy" divers will feel comfortable diving in a thick neoprene wetsuit as an exposure suit during the summer months (June through to the end of September).

Hence, the majority of South West England dive shops recommend wearing a drysuit and having the PADI Dry Suit certification, especially at depths beyond fifteen (15) metres (49 feet).

Marine Life in South West Dive Sites

Of all the nine separated regions in England, the southwest peninsular has the longest coastline, covering around 700 miles (1,130 kilometres).

The area contains more than two hundred (200) species of indigenous and introduced species. Some of the most common aquatic creatures and fish species that scuba divers and snorkelers might see, include:

Dive Sites in South West England

Babbacombe Beach

Brixham Breakwater Beach

Louis Shield

Lundy Island


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