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Best Places to Scuba Dive in England

The most popular dive spots around England include famous and historic shipwrecks, more than twenty accessible beaches, submerged caves, and a variety of shallow pinnacles and natural reefs to explore.

This section contains details about the top dive sites in England for beginners and experienced divers, with further information about the marine creatures native to Great Britain.

When and Where is Best for Diving in UK?

The best place to dive with grey seals is the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland.

Even so, the other popular destinations where new divers can explore diving in England, include:

In case you were wondering, the chequered seafaring history of the British Isles has left an abundance of sunken shipwrecks for exploration.

The creatures living around the shores of Great Britain range from the tiny short-snouted seahorse to the colossal basking shark.

However, divers heading to the coastlines need to be mindful of big tidal swings and fast-moving water currents.

Best Months for Diving in England

For the most part, divers will be experiencing cold water temperatures for most of the year. The water averages 7° Celsius in the winter months (January to April) and up to 15° Celsius in the summer (June to September).

Pro Tip: Be aware that water conducts heat away from your body 20 times faster than air. So, wearing adequate exposure protection is paramount to avoid the risks of hypothermia.

Marine Life around the United Kingdom

Pro Tip: According to the IFAW, over 500 different shark species are currently swimming in the oceans - and we separate them into ten individual orders.

A-Z List of Top England Dive Sites

Pro Tip: The underwater structures at the UK dive sites means getting the PADI® Wreck Diver certification would qualify you to join organised excursions around sunken shipwrecks in deep water.

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Getting to England

The London airports of Heathrow and Stansted are by far the biggest and busiest aviation hubs servicing international travellers to the United Kingdom. Even so, you'll find it easy and affordable to fly around the country.

Divers on a budget might prefer to use public transport, such as buses, trains, and taxis, to travel around the different English counties and coastal destinations.

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