Hin Rap

Hin Rap Dive and Snorkel Sites

Hin Rap is one of the closest dive sites to Koh Chang which makes this destination a regular for scuba training and half day snorkeling trips.

This is because of the large sandy patches dotted around the coral formations.

It is a relatively innocuous diving location although there have been reports of trigger fish sightings in this area.

The common reef fishes that are inhabitants of hin rap are fusiliers, boxfish and clownfish.

Don't be surprised or disappointed to see throngs of small reef fish such as anthias and damselfish. Another unusual attraction is the number of gobies which thrive at around this reef system.

Koh Chang Hin Rap Dive Site Facts

Average Depth: 7m

Maximum Depth: 12m

Underwater Visibility: 5 - 20m

General Currents: Weak to Moderate

Unusual Hazards: Titan Triggerfish

Points Of Interest: Fusilier FishesClown Fish, Spotted Boxfish, Anthias, goby fish, Titan Triggerfish.

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