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Enriched Air Nitrox Certification

No matter what you call it... Nitrox, Enriched air, or EANx, they are all breathing gases that contain lower levels of nitrogen than regular air.

So, if you complete the online Nitrox certification your dives can be extended because you will be breathing from a tank that contains less nitrogen (chemical symbol N2).

About the PADI Nitrox Diver Online Course

PADI® have made the process for earning an Enriched Air Nitrox Diver certification easy with eLearning™.

The independent study explains how to dive safely with nitrox and why you can make longer dives.

Then, you can meet up with a Nitrox Instructor to finish the hands-on practical exercises. You will learn how to:

Note: The PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver Online certification does not require any dives. But, there are two (2) optional scuba dives attached to the outline.

Nitrox Online Course Requirements

You will get unlimited access to the web based training manual so you can complete the Enriched Air Diver course knowledge development sessions online. Thus, PADI eLearning™ courses allow you to study in your own time and at a pace that suits your schedule.

By simplifying the learning process, the new program has a 'dive-computer only' option. So, you can complete the training in the classroom if you don't have time to make the optional scuba dives.

Here's how it works:

You need to be at least twelve (12) years of age and certified as Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) to enrol in the course. Check if yours counts as one of the qualifying certifications.

The system presents you with a range of interactive presentations, such as videos (with audio), assorted graphics, and easy-to-understand reading sections.

There are no in-water practical components allocated to this program. So, access to the Internet is all you need to complete the course material.

Prior to certification as a PADI Enriched Air Diver, you must complete a Practical Application session, and (either):

There will be an extra charge for the Practical Application session or the Nitrox training dives. The eLearning course will be available for one (1) year from registration.

Important: Even though you can get Nitrox certified online, a PADI Enriched Air Specialty Instructor will review your independent study for mastery before certification.

Price for PADI® Enriched Aid (Nitrox) Diver Course Online 6,000 THB*

FAQ about PADI® Nitrox Online

Is PADI eLearning Free?

The 'PADI® Open Water Course Introduction' is free and the ideal way to start a scuba diving certification online. There is no credit card required to create an account online.

But, there is a nonrefundable charge (around 7,000 THB) for many online versions (e.g. the PADI Advanced Open Water eLearning course).

Can Nitrox Divers Dive Alone?

The diving buddy system is a safety rule pairing two or more divers together. The pairs should also perform pre-dive safety checks (BWRAF) before entering the water.

PADI does consent to a version of 'solo diving' through the Self-Reliant Diver certification course, available in Pattaya, Thailand.

PADI Nitrox Online Course with Private Scuba in Thailand.How Deep Can You Dive with Nitrox?

Being able to stay underwater for longer is one of the main reasons for diving on nitrox gas mixes.

But, there will be an increased potential for oxygen toxicity (even within recreational diving limits). As a rule of thumb, the maximum depth on a mix of:

  • 32 percent nitrox is 36 metres (121 feet).
  • 36 percent nitrox is 30 metres (100 feet).

Important: Another section contains information about the most common scuba diving injuries, including nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness (DCS) (also called 'caisson disease').

How Long is the PADI Nitrox Course?

In most cases, students who choose to study online will need a time commitment of three (3) to four (4) hours to completely finish the knowledge development section of the course.

What Happens if You Fail PADI eLearning?

All PADI scuba diving courses combine some knowledge development with practical training exercises. This helps students understand the basic principles and safety aspects involved.

A review of the final test must show that you scored at least seventy five percent (75%). Nonetheless, you will be able to retake the test if you don't pass it on the first attempt.

Is it OK to Interact with Underwater Organisms?

We all share a common responsibility to protect and conserve nature. So, passive interaction with aquatic animals helps to safeguard delicate and sensitive sea life.

What are the Medical Requirements for Scuba Diving?

A certain level of well-being and general fitness is needed to carry out scuba activities. Thus, you may need to get written approval from a physician before you go diving.

You can download the online version of the Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire to check if your current medical status will require a physician's approval.

Note: You should not ask dive staff (e.g. divemasters, instructors) for medical advice and clearance to go diving. Instead, you can contact the Divers Alert Network (DAN) if you have questions about your medical fitness to dive.

After Becoming Enriched Air Diver

You may be wondering what comes after PADI's most popular diving specialty - Nitrox Diver Online. Well, making nitrox dives usually means you get more no decompression dive time.

As a result, most divers will get more time underwater (especially on repetitive dives) for other activities such as identifying different fish species and then taking photographs of them.

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Note: The short video [1:07 seconds] contains information about taking the Enriched Air Diver course and the importance of being able to analyse gas mixes. Click here to contact Private Scuba Divers in Thailand.

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