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Information about the Giant Toad Museum

Yasothon (abbreviated to "Yaso" by the locals) is home to the biggest toad statue in Thailand. Yasothon's gigantic toad museum is offbeat and unconventional. And now it is legendary too!

Inside the Giant Toad Museum at Yasothon

Erected in 2015, and built to the profile of a huge toad, the museum overlooks the Thuan River and nearby houses.

It soon became the biggest emblem and one of the principal tourist attractions in Yasothon city. The giant creature is 19 metres high and occupies some 835m2.

There is a useful purpose behind the construction of this enormous landmark. It is to educate visitors to the folklore behind the city's famous rocket festival.

The Giant Toad Museum represents a local folktale of Praya Kankak.

As the story goes, the toad prince 'saves humanity' from flooding by defeating the God of Rain in battle. When Praya Kankak won the battle he made an agreement with the God of Rain.

The plan was for mankind to fire a rocket into the sky to inform him when they are ready to receive heavy rainfall. So now you know how the famous Yasothon Rocket Festival first started.

Most Thais consider the toad to be an unappealing animal. So, another purpose of the folktale about the ugly toads was to stop people killing them.

Giant Toad Museum Yasothon Province ThailandDespite it being an unusual sight from the outside, in fact you can also go inside the giant toad.

There is a viewing platform located in the mouth of the toad (found via an elevator). The top floor offers sweeping views out to the surrounding areas and the flowing Thuan River.

That said, the only things you will see from the footbridge are small fishing boats traversing the river and the park activities to the side of the frog.

A little unexpected, but the toad building houses a 4D cinema. This is where visitors can learn even more about the toad prince and Yasothon famous rocket fest. They also plan to showcase 32 species of toads that inhabit Thailand from the same building.

The Thai Translation of toad is คางคก. It is a small animal similar to a frog. But, toads have brown skin and live mainly on land.

Thailand National Science Museum (NSM)

The National Science Museum manages all the exhibits inside the museum. They will apply new presentation techniques and technology to make it a fun and educational experience.

Different displays educate visitors on the history of the province, the mystic toad, and bang fai rockets. Each floor has information on the lifestyles of the people in Yasothon province.

Mystical Serpent King (phaya nak)

Further plans will develop the construction of an exhibition hall. Built next to the toad museum, it will be in the shape of a mystical Serpent King (phaya nak). The hall will measure 90 metres long and have a total usage area around 600m2.

The head of phaya nak, some 27 metres in height, is to be the head of the building. The exhibition will feature five different zones. Two of the zones focus on the legend of the Naga and Northeastern culture.

Getting to Yasothon Giant Toad Museum

There is no shortage of quirky and outlandish attractions in Thailand. Among the tourist hot spots are floating markets, museums, and Buddhist temples.

Now you can add another destination to your Thailand bucket list. Plan a visit to Phaya Thaen Public Park. You will find this riverside park in Yasothon, part of north east Isaan province in Thailand.

Phaya Thaen Public Park is where you will find the gigantic five-storey statue of a toad. You will find it difficult to miss once you get near to the location. The awe-inspiring mammoth amphibian looks out over the water. It has a gaping mouth and large 'pimple' warts covering its back.

The museum showcases information for visitors inside the toad's belly. Displays also provide extra information about the legend of Praya Kankak.

There are several seating areas dotted around the small park. Traditional Thai flowers and small trees surround and shade the outdoor resting places. You will find a selection of eateries and street food vendors serving refreshments.

Nai Mueang, Mueang Yasothon District, Yasothon 35000
GPS Coordinates: 15.79036688,104.15430319

Yasothon Festivals

The Phaya Thaen Public Park holds a thunderous Rocket Festival every May (called Bun Bang Fai). Locals will launch gigantic rockets into the skies, in the hope that rain will follow. That is also why many of the smaller statues also feature rockets.

Note: Loy Krathong, Songkran, and annual boat races are busiest times for the riverside park at Yasothon.

There are a few other interesting attractions situated behind the toad. One replica of an ancient horse-drawn chariot is carrying a rocket. Other statues are of buffaloes and men playing musical instruments. A gathering of dancing ladies clothed in traditional Thai dress completes the parade.

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