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The Saraburi Long Boat Racing Festival

Thailand is not famed for boat racing excitement. But, one province not too far from Bangkok is the place to witness traditional long boat races.

So, where does the Thai traditional water-based action take place? The venue is Saraburi Province and the month is September.

Long Boat Racing in Saraburi Province

You can find the best long boats racing in Thailand at the Pasak Pier.

If you need a little more accuracy, the long boats race in front of the Sao Hai district office.

The officials divide the traditional long boat races into three different categories:

There is no shortage of racing action and the crowds always enjoy cheering on their favourite team as they thrash their way to the finish line.

Locals will tell you that the Saraburi traditional boat races mark the end of the north-east rainy season. But, do not get fooled - the heavy rains continue in this part of Thailand for a few more months after September.

Even so, the Saraburi Long Boat Race Festival is one of the ancient cultural events in Thailand. The tradition dates back to the golden age of the Ayutthaya era. This custom is held to mark the end of Buddhist Lent, otherwise known as Ok Phansa.

Saraburi Province Tourist Attractions

The traditional Saraburi Long Boat Race Festival is not the only attraction for tourists in the region. TAT encourages visitors to explore some of the countless historical attractions close by.

Typical examples of Saraburi ancient history includes:

Note: The long boat festival takes place during the weekend of September 23rd and 24th 2017.

Saraburi Information Guide

The province of Saraburi is in central Thailand to the northeast of Bangkok City. Saraburi is best known for its ancient Buddhist temples.

One of the most famous is Wat Phra Phutthabat to the northwest of the province. A lavish shrine protects the temple where legend says it contains a footprint of Buddha.

The provincial capital is also called Saraburi. Travel to the southern bank of the Pa Sak River to see "Wat" Si Buri Rattanaram. This temple features a smiling golden Buddha statue.

Land Area: 3,577 km²

Provincial Population: 633,460 (2014)

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Lopburi Office

Area of Responsibility: Lop Buri, Sing Buri, Chainat, Ang Thong
Address: City Hall, Narai Maharaja Road, Amphoe Mueang, Lopburi 15000
Telephone: +66 3677 0096-7

Saraburi Traditional Long Boat Racing Festival Thailand

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